The Different Types of Backlinks and How You Can Get Them

types of backlink

Since Google started in the 2000s, its algorithm has been changing spontaneously to give users the best experience. All the while, digital marketers have been using different techniques to rank highly on the platform. One of those methods is backlink building.

Backlinks are essential for SEO as they let Google know that another resource or website finds your content valuable and useful. And later, your website may rank well on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) by earning additional backlinks.

If you’re an influencer, content creator, or blogger, you definitely need backlinks to position your site as an authority in your field. Link building is one of the essential metrics in ranking websites. This article will explore the different types of backlinks. Choose one that fits best for your platform, and start growing your domain.

Relationship-Based Backlinks


A relationship-based backlink, or, to put it another way, a niche influencer backlink, is a high-quality backlink from a connected authority site. With the new updates of Google, Relationship-based backlinks are getting popular again. 

If you’ve been creating content for some time now, chances are that you’ve already developed relationships with people in your niche. In writing, for example, you may have already made friends with an editor or a webmaster. If that is the case, reach out to them and start an SEO conversation.

Such webmasters and editors usually have many sites, and they can easily insert a link into one of the high-ranking posts. It won’t be long before your platform gets the attention it deserves.

Free-Tool Backlinks


Because backlink building has become so important in recent times, many free tools can now help get high-quality websites to link to your platform. This software even helps you to analyze your progress. If you use the tools in the right way, then it can provide you with incredible results. 

For example, more people will link to your blog or content if you build valuable backlinks. Some tools even allow you to add a CTA that tells your readers what you really do at your platform. So, if you want to start easy, search for free-tool backlinks first. Testing the waters without breaking the bank is a prudent way to grow your SEO rankings.

Guest-Post Backlinks


Guest posting gives lower-authority websites the chance to grow their SEO dominance. You simply have to reach out to a platform you like and ask to write a quality article for them. You can easily build authority and trust by posting excellent content on a high-ranking website. The trick is to use the guest post for backlink building and get referrals.

All you need is to ask the editor to look at your website and rank the quality of your content. If he likes it, request for a backlink, but don’t stop there. Ask for more guest post chances and get at least 5 do-follow links.  

Comment Backlinks


Most websites having blogs and news have a comment section on their website. The aim here is to invite the comments of the audience to their content. A feature that permits the inclusion of URLs to comments and automatically connects to them is frequently present in these sections. 

You should read and watch content from other sites in your industry when you’re not creating content in your niche. While you’re at it, engage with them, leave a comment, but more importantly, drop a link to your website.

To improve backlink building, make sure your comments are high-quality, not simple one-liners. Appreciate the content and contribute to enhancing it, and people will naturally like your replies and engage with your comments.

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Press-Release and Government Backlinks 


Press releases and government publications usually carry a lot of domain authority, so you had better start deriving backlinks from their websites. Apart from growing your SEO position, they give your content credibility and trustworthiness.

So, reach out to local outlets or your state government platforms and present yourself as an industry expert. Then, talk about what you can do and see if you can develop a mutual relationship and grow your SEO position. If they give you a chance to contribute, create quality content with links to your site. 


Now, it’s time to solidify your digital marketing strategy and start backlink building. Rest assured that the link-building methods above will help grow your site’s SEO rank. Consider using link-building services like, which will take the stress off your shoulder. It’ll only be a matter of time before you scale the SEO heights.