8 Awesome Travel Apps, Sites and Gadgets

Travel Gadgets

Just picture this scenario for a few seconds…

You’ve just squeezed yourself out of a hot and sweaty train to run through airport departures, desperate to catch an imminently departing flight that will reunite you with friends and family.

You’ve misplaced your paper ticket and lost the post-it note on which you’d jotted down your crucial pre-flight information.

There seems to be no airline staff around, the nearest information desk is 10 minutes away and the departures screen you’re staring at refuses to scroll around to the page featuring your information.

Then…you hear a fateful, fuzzy Tannoy announcement that the gate has closed, and your flight is departing.

Thanks to tech like mobile phones and e-tickets, this scene will probably be unfamiliar to most readers.

But by embracing digital technology even more enthusiastically than you already do, it’s possible to make every aspect of your next holiday or business trip truly excellent.

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With that in mind, here are eight awesome travel apps, sites, and gadgets for your perusal.

Bluetooth Speaker

Travel Gadgets

Source: amazon.com

Being able to hear your favorite tunes out loud makes any holiday poolside party more bombastic, so order the Ultimate Ears Blast on Amazon to really get into the groove.

Travel Iron

Travel Gadgets

Source: 4rgos.it

If you want to look sharp as a tack for your high-powered networking event, check Argos for a compact travel iron like the Steamworks ES 143 – well worth the price of a couple of airport coffees.

Action Video

Travel Gadgets

Source: bhphoto.com

Whether you’re into extreme sports or simply want to share your everyday holiday experiences through exciting POV videos, the GoPro HERO7 is a great investment – tech specs can be found at gopro.com.

Clip-on Mobile Phone Lenses

Travel Gadgets

Source: amazon.com

Fond of making holiday movies on your mobile? Find a range of clip-on mobile lenses that add entirely new dimensions to your vids at wish.com.

Travel Drone

Travel Gadgets

Source: allegroimg.com

If you’re a real gadget freak who wants to share bird’s eye views of your exotic holiday location with the world, invest in a DJI Mavic Air Drone from Drones Direct – but please don’t fly your dream machine anywhere near an airport!

Language App

Travel Gadgets

Source: wp.com

Locals at your destination always appreciate it when you make the effort to learn a little of their lingo, so download the Babbel app on your phone before you leave – it makes language lessons fun and is available for Android and iOS.

City Sightseeing App

Travel Gadgets

Source: behance.net

Lonely Planet has been producing high-quality travel writing for years – downloading their City Guides app at the Google Play or Apple stores will get you stocked up with in-depth tips to make the most of any global metropolis.

Airport Parking Site

Travel Gadgets

Source: vouchers4u.com

If you want to cruise to your flight in the comfort of your own car rather than on ram-packed public transport, find airport parking deals on Looking4.com for East Midlands, Manchester and more or less every major air hub worldwide.

Travel Gadgets

Source: twimg.com

So ends our list – please share your own travel gadget and app tips in the comments section.