If you fall into the approximately 93% of American households that own a car. You can undoubtedly attest to the fact that traveling by road can become a very mundane experience. Thankfully an ever-expanding range of high-tech gadgets is making everything from daily commutes. To long road trips increasingly more enjoyable and safer. Let’s see Top Tech Gadgets for Enjoyable Ride.

From high-definition systems that make it easier to view the road when it is dark and visibility is poor to wireless charging devices that will give your smart devices a boost, let’s have a look at some of the latest technologies revolutionizing road travel as we know it.

Night Vision Systems Make Driving Safer

Top Tech Gadgets for Enjoyable Ride

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Even if you are a superb driver, chances are you don’t see quite as good at night as you do during the day.  Cue the innovative night vision system that can provide a clear view of the road ahead regardless of the weather conditions.  Some luxury vehicles, including newer model BMW and Cadillac SUVs, boast night vision systems as a standard, built-in feature.  Even if you don’t drive a luxury vehicle you can still tap into the benefits of having a night vision system.

Brands such as Lanmoda have designed a range of very nifty night vision systems that can be used in any car. The device, which can be mounted on your dashboard or windscreen, features a screen that is roughly the size of your rear-view mirror.  While these units do not make use of infrared technology like luxury vehicles do, it effectively makes use of the available natural light to render a clear, full-color image.

Clean Air Makes for Better Breathing

Top Tech Gadgets for Enjoyable Ride

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If you are fortunate enough to be driving a high-end car such as the Mercedes GLE AMG or Volvo’s XC90 you can rest assured that the air inside your vehicle is as clean as can be. If you drive any other car, however, you may be exposed to a range of potentially harmful contaminants. Luckily, there is a range of air purifying gadgets available that can improve the air quality in your car considerably.

The Phillips GoPure Compact 200 is a top-of-the-range car air purifier that ports a very sleek design and uses a triple-layer filter system to remove bacteria, smoke, and odors from the air. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly device, consider the FriEQ Car Air Purifier. It is a lightweight device that makes use of ionic tech to clean the air in the vehicle.

Bluetooth Cassette Adapters Bring the Music to Life

Top Tech Gadgets for Enjoyable Ride

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Popular vehicle manufacturer Ford recently noted that the car is the place where most people listen to music. While it is easy enough to play countless MP3s. Or even stream music in later-model vehicles, not everyone has the luxury of owning a vehicle with an entertainment interface or even a USA port.

If your car still sports a cassette deck, a Bluetooth cassette adaptor can propel your music listening experience into the 21st century.  These handy gadgets courtesy of brands like Arsvita plugs into the deck. It gives you access to a Bluetooth device to connect to. You will now be able to connect your smartphone or music player to the device and stream your music without having to replace your beloved vintage tape deck.

Huds Ensure Your Eyes Are on the Road

Top Tech Gadgets for Enjoyable Ride

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If you drive a luxury vehicle chances are it came equipped with a heads-up display (HUD). These nifty devices display important vehicle-related information on a transparent screen on the car’s windscreen. If your car does not sport a built-in HUD. However, you can invest in a portable unit that can be installed in any vehicle.

The first gadget of its kind is the HUDWAY Cast which instantly turns your smartphone into a HUD display. A projecting your GPS onto a small screen approximately the same size as your phone.  In addition to this, you can also use the HUD to read messages, receive calls, and even adjust your playlist. While this I all very convenient, it also makes your driving experience significantly safer by reducing the risk of distracted driving.

Wireless Car Chargers Keep You Connected

Top Tech Gadgets for Enjoyable Ride

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Top Tech Gadgets for Enjoyable Ride

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The low-battery indicator on a smartphone has the ability to instill dread in just about everyone who has a phone. While it is easy enough to charge a phone at home, trying to make use of a wired car charger. While also relying on your phone to act as a navigational device or music player is downright daunting. Thankfully, wireless car chargers make it easier than ever before to keep your mobile device charged while on the road.

Wireless car chargers, such as the offerings from Vanmass and iOttie make use of magnetic induction. To transmit energy between the charger and the device’s battery, charging it just as a wired charger would. Most wireless chargers can support devices between 4 inches and 6.5 inches in size. Making them compatible with nearly every smartphone on the market. 

Technology has transformed our lives in countless ways, including the way we drive. These gadgets have the ability to not only make a drive more enjoyable but increasingly safer as well.