6 Top App Trends That Are Predicted to Boom in 2020

Top App Trends

As per an estimation, there is going to be a rise in the number of mobile applications present on app stores. By 2021, there will be around 352.9 billion applications; that emphasized the significant demand for mobile apps. And that tends to attract the massive number of investments that are dedicated to the mobile app industry from businesses belonging to different scales. Whether its enterprises or startups, all are keen to invest their money into this emerging technology. Right Hear is an example for a startup that works with Beacon technology, it helps visually impaired accessibility in business and public places.

The mobile market’s revenue is sought to reach $131 billion in a couple of years. Any clever entrepreneur is going to consider availing this opportunity to outperform competitors. However, it is crucial to understand that applications that worked efficaciously might not work similarly in the year 2020. This is exactly why trending technologies should be kept in focus whilst one approaches mobile app development. 

Here are a few mobile app trends that are going to enter 2020 with us;

#1 Beacon Technology 

Top App Trends

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Beacon technology refers to the phenomenon of location tracking whenever an app bearer is nearby to the application’s physical store, they are notified. The beacon basically connects with the user’s phone through Bluetooth and then sends in a signal, resulting in the app to open up on its own. Through which, information can be sent across from one platform to another, whilst the user receives a notification. 

Wireless transmitters are responsible for sending in signals, which makes it an effective strategy in the future for the retail sector. It comes along with the integration of IoT that stands for the Internet of Things. A lot of different industries are using this technology to entertain their customers. No doubt, this feature has an opportunity in proximity marketing for all niches, when it comes to businesses. 

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#2 AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Top App Trends

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As per recent surveys, AI global market is bound to reach $190 billion by the next five years. The technology is widely used amongst android developers and applications in general. The combination of AI and mobile applications has opened new doors for growth, especially since these applications are much more interactive and smarter than others without AI. Not only does it help the industry at launching applications but provides effective and efficient services such as calculations, maintenance of data, analyzing consumers and forming personas to the target audience and many more functions that are hard to cover through manual means. 

This technology is meant to replace human beings in the future. Certain artificial intelligence programs are even able to complete complex functions on their own and over the past few years, this advancement has revolutionized mobile app development to a greater extent. 

#3 Instantaneous Applications 

Google launched applications under the name of instant apps, they were native applications based on Android platforms to present extravagant functionalities. The feature of gaining access to this application without needing to download it grasps users’ attention. Moreover, the feature also enables them to test out trial versions of many other applications before they make downloads. It comes with several benefits such as being concise and easy to use than most common applications. 

Apart from that, there are functionalities of sites that do not occupy the memory of the gadget, which means no loss of space and more usability. It is safe to assume that instant apps have bridged the gap between mobile applications and users, mainly by eradicating the need for downloads and installations. 

#4 Augmented Mobile Pages

Top App Trends

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In manner to improve the loading speeds of mobile pages, Google formed an AMP with the collaboration of Twitter. This aids developers to reduce their bounce rates and increase their performance when it comes to forming applications. It does not end there, these pages are adept to utilize user retention strategies and maximize them by providing exceptional experiences. 

Alongside all of this, Google made an announcement on the integration of search outcomes with AMP programs. Apart from that, there has been an addition of search boxes to help users connect with sites that are supportive of devices belonging to major operating systems. This drives home the conclusion that developers are required to be dexterous when it comes to forming web pages that are AMP compatible. 

#5 Chatbots for Applications 

Top App Trends


Integrating Chatbots in applications is going to open a new era of communication. Users will be able to resolve their queries efficiently by getting to the point answers. Applications that are specifically for sales purposes require chatbots to influence customers to make purchases and decisions without needing to get in touch with customer support.

As per the data that have been collected, it is said that more than 63% of online consumers were interested in interacting with chatbots. And this technology has made around $8 billion alone between the years 2018 to 2019. And that is a noteworthy factor that is fit to become a trend in the year 2020. This is going to make tasks simple and easier, chatbots can be customized to match the user’s behavioral patterns to create personalized experiences. The latest mobile applications are thought to have chatbots that can provide assistance through audio messages, adding additional features to make services accessible. 

#6 Cloud-based Applications 

Top App Trends

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Cloud technology within app developmental strategies is going to streamline operations. Allowing reduction in hosting and equipment costs, making it easier for developers to form applications under confined budgets. It will aid at enhancing storage capacity within applications and increase productivity amongst employees in case the application is being used by the same company that designed it. 

Large amounts of data can be stored due to computing integration that also helps in resolving complex tasks.

Technological advancements are revolutionizing the way we perceive things and that has been anticipated by the mobile app development industry and they aim to apply it in 2020. Users will have the opportunity to avail of additional benefits that will surpass their expectations. Not only that, but app development companies will be able to improve their turnover. However, for those who wish to incorporate these trends within their application in 2020, it is suggested to move according to your budget and requirements. 

Top App Trends

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These 5 trends are going to boom in 2020 and change the outlook of mobile applications. Users will have free access to premium services that can be obtained through easy methods.