Writing is a creative process, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be made easier with technology. Nowadays, there are many tools to help create better more well-worded texts. They also solve many automation issues and help with proofreading.

Any copywriter knows that quality is an essential part of good writing. Whether you are starting or have lots of experience, these tools will make your copywriting easier, quicker, and more fun. The best thing is that these tools will help you to become as qualified as professionals So here’s what modern technology has to offer to copywriters.


tools to improve copywriting

Grammar and spelling are the basics of a good text, whether it is a blog post or email. No one is perfect, and we all can make mistakes in a hurry. That’s why it is better to have an additional proofreading tool to eliminate any accidental slips.

Grammarly is the best option for this. It is a free tool; however, there is a premium version. It is available as a browser extension or a website. It works with MS Office, Google Docs and checks mistakes on emails and even social media. With it, you can be sure that everything you write is correct.

The free version checks grammar, spelling, style, and common mistakes. Premium version offers additional services, like text analysis and targeting to a specific audience.


tools to improve copywriting

This is a free online source of synonyms and related words. Often, copywriters tend to use the same vocabulary, which might be a bit redundant. The other issue is the density of words in the text that should not be too overwhelming. After all, if the article is filled with the same words, it is boring for a reader.

Thesaurus is the best place to find synonyms to enrich content with vivid language.

Keyword Density Checker

tools to improve copywriting

You don’t need to be an SEO guru to know that keyword density is vital to digital content. Some writers might think that constant use of specific keywords makes the text more applicable to the topic. Yet, there should be a healthy balance. If the number of specific keywords is too high, the page of publishing will be ranked lower by Google.

This free tool analyzes the text in seconds and provides statistics on the keyword density. The general rule is simple – a word or phrase should not make more than 4% of the text.


tools to improve copywriting

This is an advanced tool, which has a free trial period but is mostly paid for. It offers a plagiarism checker, keyword stuffing analysis, grammar and redundant phrases check and readability.

Uniqueness is extremely important for quality content. Even if the topic is not new, the text should be original. That’s why plagiarism check is vital for a copywriter. Sometimes, any similarities might be coincidental. Yet, they should be eliminated nevertheless.


tools to improve copywriting

Hemingway Editor is a great readability tool. It is available online and completely free. It analyzes the readability of the text and shows all weak spots. There is a rating system and well-written content should not score more than 9. The less the mark, the better. It shows that the text is clear and easy to follow.

The editor highlights the passive voice, adverbs, and complex sentences and phrases. One can edit the content in Hemingway and get an instant update on the result.

Unsplash.com and Flickr.com

tools to improve copywriting

These two beautiful resources offer free pictures for any type of content. They are high-quality and extremely varied in themes and visuals. Any copywriter can easily find an image to illustrate a post or article.

It is a known fact that content without visuals is not as effective. Unsplash doesn’t require any type of registration, you are free to use images. But don’t forget to credit artists.


This is another tool that helps to add visuals to the content. It is an online service that offers the creation of infographics, posters, presentations, reports, and flyers. One can create any type of imagery based on available templates. There is also an option to start from scratch.

It is free to use and the interface is intuitive. It is pretty simple to use and save the result. Infographics make content more comprehensive and visual. They help to underline the most essential information.

tools to improve copywriting

In Summary

These exceptional tools help copywriters in their job better. They proofread for grammar and spelling errors. They analyze the readability and simplicity of the content. They offer advice on the use of words and check the uniqueness. And they also provide high-quality imagery, whether it is a photograph or opportunity to create your own visuals.

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