10 Tools to Help Make Content Creation Much Easier

tools for content creation

When it comes to digital marketing, content is king. What you put out on your channels is how you talk and connect with your readers and your audience. Your brand’s persona is reflected in everything you publish, which is why it’s one of the biggest challenges of marketing.

Content creation takes up a lot of time and effort because it goes through a rigorous planning-and-execution process. Luckily, there are countless tools available to make this task easier.


tools for content creation

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If you’re handling content, Canva is one of the most essential tools you’ll need at your disposal. Aside from its user-friendly interface, Canva offers free and paid elements such as templates and clip arts which you can use to create your graphics. Additionally, Canva allows you to save company assets, i.e., your logo and font, for easy copy-and-paste.

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Movable Ink

tools for content creation

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If you want to get noticed by your target audience, you might need to level up your content creation. Movable Ink is a unique tool that helps you create interactive graphics. Another advantage of using the platform is it can create personalized content per user, which is an added touch that will surely catch your audience’s attention.  


tools for content creation

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Whether you’re running a blog or a social media channel, informative content is a great way to have your post shared. PiktoChart is an infographic tool that offers a massive range of templates that you can mix and match. It’s best for designing presentations and reports, or even brochures and flyers.

Get Response

tools for content creation

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Lead generation is an effective strategy for compiling possible customers, hence the emergence of several softwares that goes under email, Facebook, and Linkedin lead generation tool. If this is part of your marketing strategy, Get Response is an excellent platform that will help you design emails for that marketing blast. Further, you can create landing pages to collect contact details and convert them to sales.


tools for content creation

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A treasure box of stock assets, Visme is a platform that offers interactive templates and objects. The tool is best for building all kinds of visuals, even charts and data reports. It’s an all-around platform for easy graphic creation. The best part? Visme offers discounts to students and non-profit organizations.


tools for content creation

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When publishing content, variety matters. Creating videos isn’t easy, but Biteable is a helpful tool to get you started. With this platform, you can create videos with HD quality and enjoy the option to choose from their stock video library or upload your own footage.


tools for content creation

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GIFs are popular for adding a little humor to your content. While some social media platforms hold GIFs within their own sites, there are other options with more GIFs to choose from. With Giphy, you can explore a library of GIFs or create your own. If you find something you like from their professionally-made content, you can edit and personalize with captions.

Hubspot Topic Generator

tools for content creation

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If you run a blog, you know how challenging it is to come up with compelling topics. You can try this out to make it easier.Tons of articles are released online regularly. How do you keep up and create a blog post that will stand out? Use a blog topic generator. Hubspot Topic Generator is an inventory of ideas with a unique algorithm that will help you create new titles to cover and write about.


tools for content creation

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Adding hashtags to your captions is great for putting your content outside of your current following. Hashtagify is a generator that will help you track the best tags to include, its trend and popularity over the last two months, and its correlation to your main tag.

And last but not least,


tools for content creation

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Content covers everything from concept to graphic to caption. All of these need to look their best when it reaches your user. And we all know that for captions, long and messy links are an eyesore. If you’re looking for a better way to include your links, use the link-shortening tool Bitly. It translates your link into a bite-sized URL, so it isn’t as distracting.

tools for content creation

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Creativity plays a huge role when planning and creating your content, especially with the factors you need to consider for your brand. When you’re faced with a ton of content that you need to put out in a single timeline, it can be a headache to create everything from scratch. This is where content creation tools and software step in and give you the help you need to come up with quality content with ease.