The Top New Technological Innovations in 2018

Technological advancements are at a peak in the world for the last 5 years. Every now and then, we get some news for a new innovation in technology being carried out by the scientists and researchers. In 2018 also, there are some major breakthroughs that are really surprising along with making us proud of the intelligence of the human race. Let us have a look at them.

3D Metal Printing

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You all have heard 3D printing for the last few years and might have read about it on the internet as well. Objects such as plastic and other items are produced through 3D printing but the production of metal through this technology had remained expensive and slow for years. Now, the direction is getting changed and there are plans for mass production of metal products through the 3D metal printing. Through this method, it will be now possible to create stronger, lighter and complex metal parts that are not possible to do it with the traditional metal fabrication methods.

Artificial Embryos

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It might surprise you a lot but it is true. The embryologists working at the University of Cambridge have made a breakthrough and has re-defined the way life is created. They have grown mouse embryos that look real by using only stem cells. The use of cells that are plucked from another embryo is only done for creating the embryo. No eggs or sperms are used over here. This new innovation in technology will make it easy for the researchers to study the beginnings of the human life

Sensing City

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One of the important, new innovation in the technology of 2018 is the project undertaken in Toronto named Quayside which is different from the conventional smart city projects. The urban development of the city will be done with the cutting-edge digital technologies and the main purpose is to make the livings of the urban areas more affordable and environmentally friendly. The life of the people will change in the urban areas after this project initiated by the Sidewalk Labs with the collaboration of the Canadian government gets successful.

AI for everybody

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AI is the current buzz all over the world but only the tech-giants such as the Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have dominated in the development and production of this technology. AI for everybody is a cloud-based technology that will be much cheaper and easier to use for everyone. This breakthrough will give a boost to the economy and will advance the development of AI at local levels as well in the future. Currently, there are very few people who know how to use the cloud technology to develop AI so the tech-giants are busy making consultancies that can guide the people how to learn and implement the cloud for AI-related applications.


Thus, these were the top new innovations in the technology in 2018 that will be playing a huge part in our life. By direct manner or in-direct manner, all these technological innovations will surround us in the future and make our life more simple, easy and quick.