The Latest Release of the New Popular Cayenne Models from Porsche

Porsche Cayenne turbo 2018

There is no doubt in saying that Porsche is one of the most famous luxury car makers of the world whose cars are owned by the people who are billionaires. This German sports car maker launched the latest version of its highest selling SUV which has gained a lot of popularity among the car lovers. This Porsche Cayenne turbo 2018 version that was launched on 17 October is available in 3 different variants whose prices are ranging from 1.19 crore to 1.92 crores.All the three variants have an awesome design of the model and give a very stylish and classic look. Of all the three models, the lowest price is of the Porsche Cayenne 2018 model which is set to 1.19 crore, then comes the Cayenne E-hybrid which has the price of 1.58 crore. The final and the most expensive model is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo with the price of 1.92 crores.  

Porsche Cayenne turbo 2018

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In India, 45 % of the product portfolio of Porsche is held by Cayenne. The director of Porsche India, Mr. Shetty said that “The Cayenne has remained the most popular model since its launch in India and there is no doubt that the success story will continue for years as well”. He added that the car models will be delivered from this month and the car booking has already started.

There are total 6 dealerships of Porsche in India. Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Kochi are those 6 dealerships. There are 8 service centers of Porsche in the country apart from these 6 dealerships.

According to one source from the company, there are almost 100 bookings done for these 3 new models of Porsche and they will be delivered over the period of the next three months.

Mr. Shetty also said that there should be a free market where the only merit is considered to treat you and not your origin, pricing or the size of the engine.

Porsche Cayenne turbo 2018

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The rapid and frequent changes that are done in the policies make it difficult for the car makers to do a business for a longer time. The regulations set by the government should be for a long period of time and not for a short period of time to maintain stability as said by the director. He added that the last four years have been good for the automotive business as they have remained quite stable.

It is expected that the car segment of luxury cars in the country will be 40,000 units for 2018. The last two months were a bit challenging as the cost of fuels have gone very high in the country and also the rupee has fallen down against the dollar. This will have an impact on the overall growth of Porsche in the upcoming months.

Thus, this was the update regarding the latest releases of the Porsche Cayenne 2018 models which are getting a huge popularity among the car lovers.

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