Whenever we talk about the various sources of entertainment, one of the first things that comes to our mind is Anime. Anime gained immense popularity over the years, and people believe that such movies and series from Japan are the best stress busters. Here is where we end up going wrong. Anime also gets exclusive production and release from the state of South Korea. People love watching anime series and movies getting released there and on various streaming platforms. One such anime series that gained immense popularity is The Breaker season 3. 

What Is The Breaker?

The Breaker is a manhwa series from South Korea that featured Park Jin-Hwan as its illustrator. The story came through the mind of a writer named Jeon Geuk-Jin. The Breaker got its first publication in the Young champs magazine by Daiwon C.I.s in July 2007 and featured till July 2010. Later in 2010, the breaker new waves got its release in the Daum communications online comics portal. Earlier the report stated that the breaker season 3 will get released in the mid of 2021. With so many months passed by, people are skeptical of its release in 2021. 

When Is The Breaker Season 3 Going To Release?

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After the immense success of the first two seasons of the Breaker, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of season 3. The climax of Breaker waves is getting the fans nuts for the release of The Breaker season 3. There is no official confirmation yet when it comes to the news about the Breaker Season 3 release date 2021. The production team confirmed that they are in talks with the writer Jeon Geuk-Jin for the production and release of The Breaker season 3. Thus, we can confirm that season 3 of The Breaker is in production, and fans can expect good news soon.

The work began in July 2021; thus, you can expect the Breaker new season to release no sooner than the fall of 2021 or the middle of 2022. 

What Happened In the Breaker Series Up till Now And What Can We Expect in The Breaker season 3?

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The story running in The Breaker lays its complete focus on the first student of Han Chun Woo, named Shi-Woon Yi. Han Chun Woo is the Goomoonryong. He is the Danju of an alliance of martial arts and the Sun-woo clan’s upcoming heir. There is another character named Chun Woo Han, a skillful martial artist who holds the title from Murim named the “title of nine arts dragon.” 

What is Murim? 

Murim gets its meaning from two diverse terms- MU refers to Martial arts, while RIM refers to growing extremely powerful and fast. There is no validated data about Murim. Numerous aesthetics state that Murim resulted from a few monks going into the wilderness to seclude themselves from society in search of enlightenment. These monks turned into masters of martial arts for the power they gained. It attracted numerous followers to visit them and be their disciples. The passage of this enlightenment and knowledge from one generation to another, from the master to the disciple, gets its meaning from Murim. 

Here the Murim is a martial arts society that stays undercover and lives in harmony with modern society. The Murim function under the governance of the martial arts alliance against whom Han Chun Woo has immense hatred after they killed his martial arts teacher. 

Later, the Black forest defense group entrusted a task upon Chun Woo Han; as a result, he had to seek admission to a new school. For the people who do not know, the Black forest defense group is an anti-governmental organization whose sole purpose is to destroy the Martial Arts Alliance. Chunwoo Han meets Shioon Yi after joining the school and teaches him martial arts to deal with his bullies. Chunwoo Han achieved his objective of freeing the head of Sunwoo Clan, who was staying in captivity under the Martial Arts Alliance. 

While Chunwoo Han was on his way back home, the Martial Arts Alliance imprisoned Shi-Woon Yi to counter his deed. This forces Chunwoo Han to interfere. 

We see Chunwoo Han rejecting Shi-Woon Yi as his student during the climax and ends the QI-center that made him a Martial artist. It takes out Shi-Woon Yi as a part of the Muram, owing to which he falls under the protection of laws formed by the Martial arts society. Martial arts society intends to make Chun Woo Han pay back for his deeds by using Shi-Woon Yi. We find Shioon Yi Shi-Woon Yi revealing to the Sun-woo clan that he is the new heir chosen by Sosul. 

The Breaker new waves start from the part where Shi-Woon Yi refuses to be the head of the Sun-woo clan, while the Martial Arts Alliance is on the path to elimination. A new group named the acronymic SUC emerges that tortures the people under the authoritative name of the nine arts dragon. We also find Shi-Woon Yi meeting Sera Kang, intending to restore Shi-Woon Yi’s QI-center and does it with a successful effort. Once Shi-Woon Yi finds out about the acronym SUC, he kills everyone to avenge his teacher’s name and reputation. 

You can expect the story to continue from here to show the rise of Shioon Yi Shi-Woon Yi and the Sun-woo clan in Breaker Season 3. 

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Characters Of The Breaker’s Season 3

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You can expect to see the following characters in The Breaker’s Season 3;

  • Han Chun Woo: He is an enemy of the Murim and the master of Shi-Woon Yi.
  • Shi-Woon Yi: He is the first disciple of Han Chun Woo and the main protagonist of the plot.
  • Kwon-Jae Kyu: He is the second in command of the Sun-Woo clan and one of the ten masters of Murim.
  • Kwon Jinie: She is a member of the Sun-Woo clan and the granddaughter of Kwon-Jae Kyu.
  • Hyuk So-Chun: He is the assistant leader of the Murim world and the Heavenly Way School.

Hold your nerves a little longer to know what is coming in The Breaker’s Season 3. We know you are waiting eagerly, and the plot will make your wait worth it.

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