Solutions For Fixing Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable Windows 10 Problem

the active directory domain services unavailable

If you are working with a lot of documents and printers then you may face “the active directory domain services unavailable” error. Technographx has given the following methods to you for fixing this problem. We ensure you your problem will get solved after following the steps. Let us have a look at them.

Basic Printer Troubleshooting:

the active directory domain services unavailable


The first thing you can do is to run a basic troubleshoot. For running a troubleshoot, you can press the Windows button and W at the same time.

Find the Printer option under the troubleshooting menu and then click on it.

Then follow the basic steps that are shown to you by the system. It will take a few minutes to fully check the problem and then you can ask the system to resolve it.

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You Can Use Registry Editor And Give Permissions:


the active directory domain services unavailable


Press the R and Windows key at the same time to open the Run dialog box.

Type regedit and then click on ok. From the left, you will find the registry editor.

You can search for three subkeys in the current version key- Printer Ports, Devices and the Windows.

Now for getting the permissions, you will need to right click on each of them separately and then you can select the user account that is to be granted.

Now, you can tick on Allow option and then ‘full control’ option and then click on Apply.

Restart The Print Spooler Service:

the active directory domain services unavailable


Open the run command by pressing the Windows + R at the same time.

Then, you can type ‘services.msc’. Now, under the services, search for Print Spooler service and then you have to check the service is running or not.

If it is not running then start it and if it is running then stop it and then restart it again. If you restart the service then it will make sure that the Print Spooler service is running perfectly and so the error will be removed.

These three solutions are very effective and will definitely solve “the active directory domain services unavailable Windows 10” error. Now, the next time when you use MS office or any other components, you won’t get this error.