Florida is known as the most visited state in the United States. Many people from different countries and across the world visit Florida because of its beautiful tourist spot destinations and rich economy. Best technology businesses in florida you should know.

In a business-related aspect, Florida is also a rising state. Many businesses do dealings in the city, and prominent companies base their offices in Florida. While many people think Florida is only suitable for vacation stays, it is more to that.

In this article, we will discuss some business and tech-related facts in Florida and the best technology businesses based in the city. By the end of this article, you will realize that investing in a business in Florida is possible and full of potential.

Florida in terms of agricultural business

technology businesses in florida

Florida is known to hold the most significant production of agricultural products. Since the city has reasonably nice, tropical weather, you can grow almost every type of vegetable and fruit. This is one of the best Florida facts to know for anyone who wants to visit the place.

Best technology businesses in Florida

technology businesses in florida

If you look into a technological aspect, Florida is also high-end when it comes to tech and business. The state is home to eight of the best tech companies in America. To know what companies are those, here are some points to understand.

JHT Inc.

technology businesses in florida

In 1990, the JHT company was founded by a group of service-disabled citizens. The company was first located in Orlando, and up to this day, the company provides the best military training for people who are joining the military.

JHT company specializes in planning and strategy. In the past years, the company has had multiple successes in adapting to 2D and 3D graphics, simulations, and animations when it comes to military training. The goal of the company is to provide military candidates training solutions and memory retention among them.

Yet their modeling teaching capabilities stretch back to an older period. JHT is a former service provider of the first edition of the Multipurpose Reconfigurable Training System (MRTS). It is a simulation method that instructs crews on the repair and technician activities of submarines.


technology businesses in florida

Established in Boston in the late 1990s, Astadia plays a crucial part in today’s modern continuous evolution of the virtual landscape in the context of microprocessor transmission and redesigns concerning the creation of cloud software and resources.

With their technical experience, they help start-ups shape practical business activities with cost-effective IT infrastructure and online-based technology strategies. The program can be designed, installed, and checked in the database. Existing information transferred avoids information loss by extracting and converting a script from computers on-site to a web server.

Greyson Technology

technology businesses in florida

Greyson Technologies was established in 2010 as a recent entry to the innovation market environment and is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, with Florida-wide branches. “Unwarranted uncertainty is the foe of efficiency” is the slogan of Greyson Technologies.

Through a wide variety of experience and an array of IT professionals, the Cisco Gold Certification organization eases the inconveniences of our modern era for its customers.

Greyson Technology offer IT alternatives via surveillance, system engineering, telecommunication, computer processing, and IT support such as consulting solutions, strategic tracking and maintenance, product development, and 4 G LTE internet services.

Tech Data Corp.


Edward Raymund established Tech Data in the early 1970s as a retailer of data analysis services to repair and utilize micro and computer system machines in Clearwater. In 1984, the business gradually expanded into a dedicated manufacturer of electrical parts or desktop computers. They suffered a loss of revenue in 2013 owing to individual financial misconduct.

That did little to discourage data from tech, though. Because then they have developed into a global corporation offering software to businesses such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft across over 100 nations and are among the world’s leading providers of IT goods and software.

A point of prestige for the business provides from number 88 as the most inspired businesses for ten straight years and ranking on the 83rd spot on the chart by Fortune 500.

Sykes Enterprise

technology businesses in florida

In 1977, Sykes Corporation resided in Raleigh, North Carolina was established. They developed agreements with major companies that offered research and manufacturing services at the time. In 1993, they relocated their offices to Tampa after one year of acquiring Jones Technology.

Today, by supporting Global 2000 businesses, Sykes Companies focuses on creating an emotional link among customers and prestigious brands. Sykes fulfills this mission by delivering advice on client relationship improvement while contracting technical service staff at the same time. This doesn’t end there though – they have purchased and absorbed other firms into their network since 1993.

The investments turned Sykes’ into three businesses- telecom services, tech and health services, and assistant services. Their success has expanded across Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the rest of North America, resulting in success.


Florida is indeed a center for great business dealings, especially in the tech industry. Prestigious companies that offer tech services across America and around the world base their offices and workspace in the state, making Florida a great place for investment.

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