6 Time Wasters Which are Draining Your Team Productivity That You Could Be Automating

Team's Productivity

Do you often find that even after passionately working hard at your workplace, your objective isn’t getting fulfilled, and for that reason, you are not able to achieve your goals? Yes, many employees feel the same while they are trying to complete a project and have to finish it in a rush to submit it within the given time. It’s quite common because everyone does some little things at the workplace which tends to waste some of the time during their working day—that is why project gets delayed because that little time wasted is draining the whole Team’s Productivity bit by bit. Think about the time that you can utilize which is getting wasted doing some unnecessary, unimportant work in the first place. If you can count how much time you are wasting in a day, then think about how much time you can remain in a week or a month or in a year which you can fully utilize concentrating on your work to Achieve Your Desired Goals.  Here in this article, the discussion is going to be about the time wasters which are the main culprits in the workplace that is ruining our productive time and making us slow as well as how one can get rid of these time wasters for accomplishing more.

Let’s see what those time wasters are.

Constantly Navigating Irrelevant E-mails

Team's Productivity

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E-mails are considered as old as the internet; still, 95% of organizations use e-mails as their primary way of communication. Yeah, obviously communication is essential to ensure that everyone is connected with each other and every employee is being updated about the passed on information about the company; still, every e-mail is not essential to worthy of the time and attention. There are many websites or apps that the employees sign in sends a number of e-mails daily, plus the “CC” or “reply all” functions are the reasons to clog the employees’ mailbox; every time they hear a ping sound they tend to check their inbox for some new e-mails. A study claimed that most of the time, an employee checks their mail for every 3rd minute to see if they got any new e-mails or not. This distracting thing takes approx 33% of their working time—which is definitely a time waster. The solution to this time waster problem is, getting another communicative platform; there are many workplace chat application available to make it easy to communicate with the employees as well as while completing projects using collaborative work management (CWM) program can be effective. CWM platforms enable the Employees to Track the Progress of others; also, it gives them space where they can manage and organize their work going outside their e-mail inbox.

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Searching for Documents, Files and attachments

Team's Productivity

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When you are in a hurry, it can be a frustrating situation while looking for a file which you have no idea of the file name and where the file is stored. Searching through every folder can be a daunting task as well as enough reason to waste your valuable time. Study shows that 49% of the company’s staff struggle while finding a document and at the time of collaborating the struggle continues because 43% of employees find it difficult to share documents and 33% of them gets frustrated seeing the versions or the format of a particular document. Let’s make it easy for you to understand that how many hours an employee waste weekly while trying to retrieve documents; the answer is 4.5 hours weekly. Don’t get disheartened thinking about accumulating wasted hours of all the employees which you can utilize by involving them in more productive work. The concept of document management comes to the rescue; as by installing a DMS (Document Management Software), you can save the time being wasted. The cloud-based software enables you to search for a file using keywords and also improves the version control of your documents.
In addition to that often we need to scan documents to digitize them and to convert them in other formats; like globally accepted format is PDF, other than one gets in a dilemma that where the scanned documents are being saved and with what name, read “what is ScanSnap software?” for more information on
Digitizing and Converting Your Paper Documents Into the Desired Format.

Attending Meetings

Team's Productivity

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To make sure that all the employees are on the same boat, it is necessary to arrange meetings to give them update about any minute details of the project or any other status update or planning the schedule. Believe it or not, the meetings are also considered as a time waster because when the information can be passed to them with another way without making them getting up from their desk then why arranging meeting every day and plan on what to do next? This information can be passed to them via other methods like automating the process of status update in your office’s DMS; the information automatically going to be passed on to your employees.

 Reminding Employees about the Deadlines

Team's Productivity

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Well, this is another time waster which can cause a number of irrelevant and unproductive e-mails sharing. If you are constantly reminding your team members about a projects deadline, then it also causes stress and as mentioned, kill productive time. You can set an automated function in your DMS, which automatically is going to remind the employees about the due dates and without stressing them every day, you can monitor their progress in the same automated process. The Medium has some useful notes about how to make your employees respect the issue of the deadline.

Using Way Too Many Collaboration App

Team's Productivity

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If your working process includes many collaboration apps, then it can result in wasting productive time, because the employees have to go through each and every app to update status in a program, send information in another, and track progress in another different app then it is time-consuming. To have a working system where you can do all the work and also can save some time, what is better than DMS in such cases, where you can transfer files securely and manage other things at the same place then collaboration becomes easy and straight forward.

Distraction because of Digital Noise

Team's Productivity

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One of the major distraction is our smartphone; a study confirmed that during a day, a person looks at his/her phone approximately 150 times. Lots of notifications from apps in the phone create digital noise that one has to get distracted. Preventing this is only in the hand of the employees, because all they need is to stay focused on their job role, and the motivation can come from the team leaders to make them concentrate on their work. Being proactive to identify what is killing your precious time can be beneficial in case of productive work. Focus on your goals and your priorities, Yoga helps a lot to improve concentration, and distractions won’t come along your way to drain your team productivity.