Steps to Turn Off the Google Assistant in Android

turn off Google assistant in Android

Google Assistant is the voice command feature that enables to you perform the tasks on your android phone with the oral commands provided by Google. It is a very good functionality provided in the smartphones. Though, the functionality is simply amazing, not everyone likes it. If you dislike the Google Assistant, then you can change how you use it or you can simply disable it completely.The biggest complaint of the Android smartphone users is that the home long-button that they used to launch the Google Now has been hijacked by the Assistant. So, now lets see how to turn off Google assistant in Android.

Option one: Use “What’s on my screen” Feature of Google Assistant

 turn off Google assistant in Android

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If you are missing the old days where you used to long-press the home button for contextual information- Google Now on Tap- then let us inform you that Assistant is actually having this feature in it.

Navigate to the screen where you would normally use the Now on Tap and then long press the home button.

After doing this, the Assistant will show up and then you can say “What’s on my screen” or simply tap the button at the bottom of the page.  

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Option Two: Set a Custom Shortcut to the Google App

 turn off Google assistant in Android

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You can use both Google Now and Google Assistant if you are wanting both of the worlds.

But first, let us inform you and make it very clear that Google Now is dead and it simply doesn’t exist anymore. Google Now is similar to the Google app at this point for all the intents and purposes and it’s the same thing.

If you are looking to use both the options then you can easily add a custom action to the home button by using the various launchers available. When you press the home button then you can set it as the default launcher.

Just jump into the settings of the launcher.

Now, scroll down to “Gestures and Inputs”.

Now, tap on the “Home Button”.

Now, select “Google Now”.

Option three: Turn off the Google Assistant

 turn off Google assistant in Android

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Long press the home button and then press the drawer-like looking icon in the top-right corner. It will bring the main Assistant screen. Now, go to settings and disable the google assistant there so it will be completely turned off.