Squarespace vs WordPress: Select the Right Platform for Your Website

Squarespace vs WordPress

There are a variety of website builders available on the internet today which make us confused about which one to select and which one to reject. Today, we will look at two very popular website builders namely the WordPress and the Squarespace which are widely used. Let us have a look at the scenario of Squarespace vs WordPress so that you can select the best according to your comfort zone.


 Squarespace vs WordPress

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS that is used by both the beginner level users and advanced level users. People can use it to start writing a blog as well as to create a highly professional website. WordPress is easy to use but the beginners will have to familiarize themselves with the WordPress terminologies and understand the difference between the posts and the pages, the themes and the plugins and also the difference between the tags and the categories.

The learning curve might be slightly high in case of WordPress but the users will be able to familiarize themselves with the working style of this platform very easily. The default editor provided by WordPress is very easy to use even for beginners. It comes with a visual editor and also comes with a plain text editor for the expert users. It is very easy to add the interactive elements such as images, audio and the videos.


 Squarespace vs WordPress

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Squarespace has some limitations as compared to WordPress as it doesn’t come with so many choices. However, this lack of availability of choices make it very simple and fairly easy to use. Even the naïve users can quickly write the content and publish to the web with this platform. The images, videos and audio files can be easily added. The drag and drop content editor is very easy to use and makes our task very simple. The new pages and posts can be easily created with the drag and drop content editor.

The creation of pages and posts is very easy even for the users who are using this platform for the first time. There is a visual editor provided that will help you to customize your templates and pages. The beginners can easily adapt this platform and start working. But, there are limited options available for customizing the website according to your requirements.

So, for absolute beginners, Squarespace is relatively easy to use and if you are seeking out for a variety of different features then go for WordPress.