Spotify’s Magic Leap App Allows You to Pin Music on The Wall

Spotify Augmented Reality

Spotify is currently the talk of the town among all music lovers and professionals due to its cool Augmented reality music app. It is a wonderful use-case of how one can leverage Augmented reality for providing amazing music experience to users. 

Today, we have brought this post to make you know about this app in detail. You will enjoy getting the details of this app as it is the first of its kind in the world. 

But before that, for those of you who don’t know what Spotify is, they should read the below description about Spotify, others who are already aware of the platform can skip the description and move ahead. 

What is Spotify? 

It is an international music streaming service provider based in Sweden. The primary business of the company is to provide audio streaming, videos, podcasts of worldwide artists. 

This platform is having both freemium and premium services. Freemium service needs you to just signup and gets access to the audios and videos immediately. However, advertisements will come in between. 

Spotify Augmented Reality


While in the premium service, the user needs to pay monthly subscription fees and get access to improved streaming quality and get rid of advertisements. 

As per convenience and requirement, the user can select any of the above services and start listening to their favorite music. 

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What is Spotify Augmented Reality App?

Spotify wanted to provide an extraordinary experience to its users and that’s why they invested their resources to build an app and partnered with the Magic leap to create a 3D music streaming experience. Spotify Magic leap app allows the user to see the app content in Augmented reality. 

Magic leap Inc. has made a mixed reality headset named Magic leap one. With this headset, one can operate the different applications in Augmented reality. This headset was launched last year and the starting price of this headset was $2,295.

One has to wear the headset and access the Spotify app on it. Content of the platform will be seen in Augmented Reality and one can play the music right from the headset using the remote controller. 

There are built-in speakers in the headset through which you can listen to music. There is also a headphone jack for private listening. One will need the premium subscription of Spotify in order to access the app on Magic leap one. 

The app takes advantage of the background music service through which users will be able to access other applications on the headset while listening to the music in the background. This will help users to do multi-tasking. 

It should be noted that Spotify is the first music streaming provider who has come up with such an innovative solution and it will definitely boost the revenue for the company in the upcoming days eventually increasing the user base and popularity to new heights. 

What is the Location-Aware Feature in the app? 

There is a location-aware Spotify interface in the app. That means you can pin different tracks to different parts of your home and access them from there. For example, you can pin albums and tracks in your bedroom in 3D and access them from there every time you enter your bedroom for sleeping or for whatever reason (if and only if you have worn your headset). 

You can set different albums at different locations and access them from their respective places. The app remembers the location. Isn’t this feature awesome!

The Advent of Magic Leap

With the launch of the Spotify app, Magic leap headset has got the boost and now with more such innovative technologies, it is looking out for expanding its platform. The company says that we can expect audiobooks and innovative storytelling mediums in the apps very soon. 

Magic leap gathered $2.6 billion funding last year and is looking out for more funding in order to come out with such more innovative solutions. 

Not only the music streaming industry will get benefitted from this headset but other sectors such as gaming, sports, the news will come out with innovative mechanisms to entertain their users. 

So, here was a brief overview of the Spotify magic leap app and it’s AR feature. If you want to try out this cool experience then you have to do two things, first, buy the headset and second get the premium version of the app.

Spotify Augmented Reality


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After getting these two things, one will be able to watch out the content in augmented reality. It will be really amazing to try this out in reality for sure, controlling the play and pause button in air and placing the albums at different locations. Stay tuned to Technographx to get more updates on this!