Sonic Frontiers is different from its previous versions. The earlier releases of the game could not fulfill the space of adventures in the game.

In Sonic the Hedgehog’s newest fast-paced adventure, worlds are fusing! In the search for the missing Chaos emerald, Sonic ends up stranded on an ancient island that is home to bizarre monsters.

Sonic Frontiers is going to complete the missing elements of its predecessors. The game has some flaws, which can be understood by the reviews of people about the game.


Sonic Frontiers is a platform game created by Sonic Games and released by Sega.

It is an adventure game that allows you to journey through the huge Starfall Islands in search of the Chaos Emeralds, a series’ mainstay plot element, and to save Sonic’s lovely friends when they fall through a wormhole.

It is the first game of the iconic franchise that is inspired by an open zone giving players the freedom to explore the breathtaking open zone realm.

Game Details

Let’s see some of the details of the game, such as sonic frontiers release date, genre, and much such information.

Date of Release8 November 2022
Multiplayer SupportNo
Game genreAction
ESRB RatingEveryone 10+
Supported play modesTv mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode
File Size10.4 GB
Language SupportsEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portugese

Changes in the Game

Sonic Frontiers

The biggest change in the game is the shift to a semi-open world. Sega refers to frontiers as an “open zone,” meaning that Sonic can explore the game’s various islands.

The colors have also been changed; the place of the green hill zone has been taken by a color palette that is low in saturation and high in pastel hues. There are many similarities between this and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, not only in the looks but also in the music and the way the worlds are designed.


Sonic Frontiers

The sonic frontiers gameplay is very good. The game does an amazing job of guiding you toward the point of interest, whether a building in the distance or a series of well-positioned boost pads and ramps leading to a platforming part.

Ahead in the story, you need to collect some memory tokens at different points but collecting them comes naturally; you won’t feel like you are collecting something. And the same goes for the quick-free challenges around each island.

Tedium is a negative game point; you will go through the same repetitive loop with each island.

Even if battles are few and far between, they have at least been improved so that you aren’t using Sonic’s homing attack to destroy everything in your way. You begin with 1 button combo and a stomp attack; apart from this, you can dodge and parry incoming attacks.

The moves that you unlock can be of very good use. The 1st ability you can unlock is – Cyloops which will allow you to create circles around your enemy and cause damage to them. You can also use it to penetrate and eliminate armor on certain enemy types, allowing you to destroy them with the strikes totally.

Apart from this, some other flashy moves will allow you to shoot shockwaves from a distance.

How is This Sonic version More Exciting than Other Sonic Games?

Sonic Frontiers

This time sonic is going out of its comfort zone; it leaves behind the old cartoons. In this version, you will see some good islands, forests, and even a field of flowers.

You will find some extra movement options. You will find mini puzzles whose inspiration has been taken from Breath of the Wild.

You will see some of the amazing features and combat abilities in the game.

If we see it from a wider perspective, it is different from earlier versions, taking the game to the next level!

Sonic Frontier Platforms

Sonic Frontiers

The platforms for Sonic Frontiers sage are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Players can obtain the Sonic Frontier Soap Shoes on all platforms.

Positives of the Game

  • Playing as Sonic is a blast because he’s so responsive and controllable.
  • Epic fights against the Titans and Guardians.
  • A compelling narrative that only gets better with time.
  • Among the top 3D Sonic games ever produced.

Negatives of the Game

  • Rails & Springboards do not look relevant in the game.
  • Some tricky sections may irritate the players.
  • Some mini-bosses are repeated frequently.
  • No proper visual variety at cyberspace levels.
Sonic Frontiers

Let’s see some Sonic Frontiers Reviews by reliable & popular platforms.


Sage Sonic Frontiers is not the masterpiece that everyone was waiting for, but it is neither a disappointment. It is a game in the right direction for this series and keeps a strong foundation for the upcoming game series.

2. Game Informer

The game’s navigation is difficult to understand. The other sections lock you into a 2D perspective and require you to follow a predetermined path until you finish the sequence or turn around and leave that location.

3. Eurogamer

It isn’t the 3D experience that will persuade die-hard traditionalists who only want to change their opinions to see their blue hedgehog in two dimensions.

4. VGC

A lot of the game has been inspired by ‘Breath of the Wild.’ In this 20-hour game, you will find many sections similar to – ‘Shadow of the Colossus as well.

5. Polygon

The issue is that the novelty of the open-world environment quickly wears off, and you soon become aware of how monotonous the whole framework is. Frontiers will tell you to complete many basic tasks, and after doing some of them, you will get exhausted.

Final Verdict

At last, we would say that Sonic Frontiers is a game that is a lot better than its previous versions and has successfully laid the foundation for the upcoming versions. We can say that the game is good and can be a fantastic experience for the lovers of this gaming franchise.

There are many experiments made in this game which has not impressed many users, but the aim is to provide a different experience to the players. Yes, at one point game becomes exhausting, and some more shortcomings could be worked upon. But overall, it is a good game with above-average ratings.

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