A Comprehensive SEO Guide For 2019

SEO Guide For 2019

We are living in a digital era and the internet has completely changed our lives. From shopping to food order, everything is at our fingertips.

You can shift to the online world by creating an account on social media or by building a powerful website to grow your business. But the one major challenge which most of the people face is, they are not able to make a prominent place in the search engine.

Millions of people daily, use the search engine for several reasons but they don’t reach to you, Why? Because you may not be listed on the top pages of search results.

If you are not on the top pages or first page then it means you are almost invisible.Here is a tool called SEO(Search engine optimization) that is used to gain a top spot in the search engine result page.

From time to time, Google changes its algorithm to serve better results. Technographx has brought this article that are going to help you rank in the top page with help of SEO Guide For 2019 to dominate in the search result page.

Structured data markup: A Powerful Tool for Rich Snippets

SEO Guide For 2019

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Apart from focusing on keyword and content, there are new tricks that will help you to make your web pages more SEO friendly. Structured data is one of them. If it is absent in your website that means you are missing out an important opportunity of ranking on the top.

It was introduced in June 2011 by the collaboration of Google, Bing & Yahoo to provide more useful information to users. It is used to generate rich search results called featured snippets.

Content is Still The King


SEO Guide For 2019

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Content has long been an important factor in SEO that helps you to rank on the top in search engine. High-quality content not only increases users engagement but also generates a great amount of traffic. Without great content, it is very hard to rank on the top in SERP.

Mobile Optimization

SEO Guide For 2019

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You should not be surprised to know that mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic and it will dominate in the future too. According to a report, users spending to more time to exploring new contents on mobile. Users probably try to find you their mobile phone so if mobile optimization is not a part of your SEO strategy then you are losing many potential customers.

Optimizing your content is one of the most important SEO jobs to be done. Even if you’re having an active guest post campaign you need to make sure that you link your site properly with the right anchor text. Such a tool is Linkio which offers the right anchor text percentage usage in order to move beyond competitors in a pretty fast time and will help you with your link building activities.

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Keyword Ranking

SEO Guide For 2019

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Keywords ranking play an important role to generate web traffic, nearly more than half of the customers click on the search engine’s first page results. There are lots of tools available like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google’s keyword tool and more which help you to find out popular keywords.

Voice SEO Is Rising

SEO Guide For 2019

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With the evolution of Artificial intelligence, voice search is significantly growing. It enables users to interact with the device easily. As it is developed to deliver a quick and fast answer to users hence website loading time will affect your rank. Google in its statement which was released in July 2018, mentioned that page speed will be an important ranking factor in voice SEO.

Invest Your Time To Improve SEO

SEO Guide For 2019

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SEO plays an important role to improve your visibility and reachability in the SERP. The search engine receives more than millions of query every day and delivers an appropriate result. A comprehensive SEO strategy can help you to gain top ranking. Ignoring new trends can make a huge impact on your overall efforts.