Robot Reveals Secret Talent: Helping Humans Instead of Replacing Them

Atlas robot

Boston Dynamics’ YouTube channel has been unveiling scientific wonders in a fun and unassuming manner for more than ten years. The lab’s most recent video, titled “Atlas Gets a Grip,” showcases the remarkable and unforeseen dexterity of its bipedal robot in a truly remarkable way.

At the start of the video, a construction worker is shown working on scaffolding, hammering a post. The worker realizes that they have forgotten their tools, but instead of going down to retrieve them, they reach for a tablet from their bag. The camera then shifts to Atlas, the robot, which curiously looks around before noticing a wooden plank that can assist with its task. Atlas then places the plank on top of a makeshift staircase made of blocks and the lower level of scaffolding to connect the two levels.


In the video, we can see Atlas, the robot, quickly running to grab a toolkit and then running up the stairs to the scaffolding. What’s impressive is that the robot jumps from the lowest level of scaffolding to the middle level while maintaining its balance. Then, while jumping, Atlas turns and thrusts the toolkit bag onto the top level of the scaffolding. Next, the robot pushes a huge wooden box off the scaffolding. In the end, Atlas performs a surprising and bold move by flipping perfectly onto the floor and ending with a triumphant fist bump in the air.


The follow-up video, titled “Inside the Lab: Taking Atlas From Sim to Scaffold,” delves into the fascinating details of how Atlas is able to navigate and sense its surroundings. Additionally, the video showcases some amusing mishaps of the robot attempting to accomplish its tasks. Despite the number of attempts it took for Atlas to complete the scene, it’s truly impressive to witness the robot’s rapid improvement in its abilities over the last few years.

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Boston Dynamics continues to impress with its remarkable robots, such as Atlas and its collaboration with Asylon to create a robotic guard dog. As technology advances, the possibilities for their use in everyday life are limitless. The lab’s playful and informative videos showcase the robots’ capabilities and limitations, establishing Boston Dynamics as a leader in the field of robotics.

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