Rise Of Devil: Negative Impacts Of Technology On Society Hampering The Humanity

negative effects of technology

 The rise of technology in the last five to ten years is enormous. Each and every field is receiving great output with the help from technology. But as it is evident that every coin has two sides, there are some major negative effects of technology on the humankind. Nowadays, individuals work, shop, love, play and communicate with each other through online.The way humankind has embraced the modern technology, seeking only the benefits and completely ignoring the downfalls. The social impact is enormous as today everyone spends time online than ever before and the Internet plays a key role in various areas of the lives. There is no doubt about the fact that modern technology has facilitated the lives of the people, but it also has many visible flaws.

Here are some of the critical impacts of the technology on the humankind:-

1) Waste Of Time

negative effects of technology

Source :- hbr.org

This is the most critical impact as there are so many things on the internet, but if the users are willing to comment on everything and review, one life wouldn’t be enough. Everyone has only one life and 24 hours a day to spend it wisely. Many of the users spend their time looking at mobiles, tablets, and laptops, doing nothing clever.

So, it is advised to spend time learning something new, walking in nature or drinking coffee with friends instead of constantly looking at their smartphones and computer screens.

2) Threats To Human Life

negative effects of technology

Source :- nasa.gov

People are spending less time exercising and being active. The reason is they are busy spending their time on computer screens, playing games and talking to friends online. This increases the consumption of unhealthy food, depression, and obesity.

Learn more about depression here: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/depression/. Constantly looking at the screens also causes weak eyesight and other health problems.

3) Lack Of Concentration

negative effects of technology

Source :-medimetry.com

There are very bad and negative effects of technology on brains with this new technology. The excessive use of modern technology reduces the individual’s concentration, productivity, and effects the way people think. The human brain cannot tolerate the negative impacts of technology. It is hard for people to indulge in reading after spending a few years on the Internet.

4) Isolation

negative effects of technology

Source :- cnbc.com

Communication between people has surely improved but there is a serious lack of contact with other people and social activities. Users tend to isolate themselves because they prefer communicating online and they avoid face-to-face interaction. This is a serious threat to the humankind.

5) Stress

negative effects of technology

Source :- compeap.com

FOMO(fear of missing out) effect is taking a toll on humankind. It creates an additional level of stress. For instance, studies have shown that most of the users, from time to time, hear the nonexistent mobile phone ringing or vibrating, which is a sign that the body is under huge stress.

Final Thoughts

The people are addicted to technology. The negative impact of technology on society is getting worse and worse every day. Today’s, generation becomes nervous and restless which are some of the withdrawal symptoms that can be expected from the drugs.