Teppei Nagatsuk gave us a great novel series. Re Zero Season 3, the novel-based series has come a long way. From creating the storyline to the release of the last episode of season 2, people are left mesmerized. Their amazing storyline, cast, and captivating characters have made the efforts worth the investment. People have been excitedly waiting for when Re: Zero Season 3 will release ever since the last episode aired. The storyline has created an interest amongst the viewers. This has resulted in an all-new level of excitement for fans and viewers. 

Some of the most frequently asked questions made the creators ponder how to satisfy with the third season. However, our question is, is there any official news regarding Re Zero season 3 ? When can we expect an official release? If you think you still have to wait for these answers, don’t worry! We have come with this blog for you. 

You will get all your answers here! From the History, Cast & Crew to the expected release date of season 3. 

History & Plot

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Before we dive into the next release date, let’s revise. At times we miss some interesting facts. I am pretty sure, and if you are a die-heart Re: Zero fan, you won’t like to miss it out. Here is a quick revision. 

The series is adapted from the popular “Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu”, by Tappei Nagatsuki. Shinichirou Otsuka illustrates the storyline. This series is considered one of the most captivating series to date. There is no such fantasy anime you have seen in the past few years.


The story focuses on Subaru Natsuki. He is a Japanese NEET, who is transferred to a different world. Subaru believes that he will be blessed with supernatural powers, like the one shown in all the anime series. However, this belief comes true when he is blessed with supernatural power.

Subaru Natsuki is empowered with a supernatural power, where he can revive his life when he dies. He revives his life from zero. With this, you can say how the series justifies the name “Re-Zero.” Soon the story takes a turn when Subaru meets Emilia. Emilia is a sort of a half-elf. Both Emilia and Subaru’s fates are interlinked. If you have not yet watched the series, watch it now!

Re: Zero Season 1

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The very first episode premiered on April 4, 2016. The series had a great fan following right from the very first episode itself. The episodes were exciting and kept the viewers wondering what they would see in the next episode. 

Although the story is adapted from a novel, the animatic effects in the TV series give it an all-new look. The last episode for season 1 aired on September 19, 2016. However, this series created a great impact on people and fans.

All those who had read the novel knew what to expect next. All those who were dependent on the TV series were extremely excited for what was coming next. 

Re: Zero Season 2 

Re-Zero: Starting Life In another world: Season 2 Dubbed Version!

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After the first season ended, fans were eagerly waiting for the next season. The season recently premiered its last episode. The first episode of season 2 aired on July 8, 2020, last year. The series was recognized as one of the most captivating and exciting anime series as per the critics. Viewers had highly appreciated the series. 

Due to the pandemic situation, the production was put on hold from September 2020. The production had to follow the norms and thus stopped the shooting. The break was almost three months long. In January 2021, when the situations were comparatively better, the show was resumed. 

The last episode of season 2 was showcased on March 24, 2021. The end of the season gave a hint to the fans and the viewers that there would be a third season. Season 2 had resumed from January 2021. It recently ended, which means the producers have started working on the next season. 

What is The Official Re Zero Season 3 Release Date?

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For all the Re: Zero fans, we have something shocking for you. As per the sources, there is no official announcement yet. As the second season has recently gone off air, there are no chances for the third season in this upcoming year. 

The three seasons have recently gone off air, so it is impossible to expect them in recent times. Our favorite animated series needs a lot of high-quality animation effects. As per the official sources, the team and producers have started working on the series. 

Official sources believe, “When the original season has done very splendidly, it creates a pressure to do well in the sequel. It becomes a commitment when people have high expectations from you for their favorite anime series. Thus, it is a matter of reputation and standing with the expectations of the fans.” 

After the official statement from the sources, it is clear that we will get to enjoy the next re-zero seasons. So, keep up the expectations for all those who are setting up their expectations from the producers and the cast. 

For all the Re: Zero anime fans, here is something the producer wants to share with you. In a recent interview, Sho Tanaka, the show’s senior producer, stated that “I’m confident that you all will be clamoring for the third season, once you will finish watching the second season.” This statement clarifies that there is a third season coming soon in the next upcoming years.  

If we go by the gap between the first and the second Re: Zero seasons, the next season can be expected in 2023. We can set our expectation for Re: Zero seasons three release date, somewhere after 2023. It took four years to create the second season and make it a super hit. Thus, if the producers are working for the same quality and quantity of episodes, it will take some time to develop the final product. 

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What Will You Get to See In Re Zero Season 3?

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In the last season, Season 2 finale episode, Subaru, Beatrice, and Emilia win the battle. They defeat the evil group of the Great rabbit Horde. The second season covered the 15th volume of the original novel. This means that you can expect the storyline to continue from volume 16. 

As per volume 16, the storyline focuses on a new character. Anastasia, a royal candidate, plans to invite Emilia to the Priestella. Pristella is popularly known as the Watergate City in the novel. Subaru will have to paddle in the murky political water body. In concern to save Emilia from all the odds and challenges. 

Subaru and his group will discover the actual intention behind the invitation. The invitation sent to Emilia has an evil intention, which will be focused on in season 3. If the producers and makers focus the next season based on the novel, this is what viewers will see. So, are you guys excited to see what is coming up next for you? 

Other Extras Regarding Re: Zero Season 3

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Re: Zero Season 3 release date is one of the most discussed topics in today’s date. There are several channels and platforms where you can watch the first two seasons. Some of them are as stated over here. Crunchyroll, Funimation, Apple TV are the three television and online platforms where you can enjoy watching the series. 

We know that all the fans are eagerly waiting for the next season. However, we as fans have to understand that every good thing needs time to be created. It is for sure that season 3 is final. When we can expect to have an official announcement regarding the series is still a secret.

The Bottom Line

With this, I am sure all the Re: Zero fans are relieved that they will at least get to see the next season. However, the official announcement for the Re Zero Season 3 release date is yet to be announced. For this, we will still need to wait patiently. However, the producers and makers have started working on the plot, so fingers crossed…!

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