R Programming Language: Excellent Language For Statistical Purpose

R Programming Language

R is a programming language that is widely used today. It was developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993. This language possesses an extensive catalog of statistical and graphical methods.

It includes machine learning algorithm, time series, statistical inference, linear regression to name a few. Most of the libraries of R are written in R only, but for the heavy computational task, C, C++, and Fortran codes are preferred.

The R programming language is used worldwide and a lot of global companies like Uber, Google, Airbnb, Facebook and many more use it. R is mostly used for data analysis and machine learning which are the two trending fields of the current era.

There are several steps for performing data analytics with R such as programming, transforming, discovering, modeling and communicating the results

  •    Program: It is a clear and accessible programming tool
  •    Transform: There is a collection of libraries designed specifically for data science in R
  •    Discover: In this step, you have to Investigate the data, refine your hypothesis and analyze them
  •    Model: There are a wide array of tools provided with R to capture the right model for your data
  •    Communicate: For displaying the data in a simple and effective manner, there are graphs and reports which can be integrated with R.
What Is R Used For?

R Programming Language

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In modern times, R is mainly used for Statistical inference, Data analysis, and Machine learning algorithm.

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R By Industry

R Programming Language

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R is very much used in academics. It is a language which is used to perform statistics. It is the first choice in the healthcare industry, followed by government and consulting.

Why Use R?

R Programming Language

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Data science is the trending field that has geared up in the last two years and in the future, it is going to shape the way in which the companies run their business. The companies won’t be able to stay away from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning otherwise it will lead to their failure.

Now, the question arises that what language or what tool should the companies use for performing data analysis. In our opinion, R will be the best language for this purpose so one must learn it and start implementing it.  

So, here was a brief overview of What is R programming language. Hope you have got a brief idea about this wonderful statistical language!