PUBG Mobile Releases Prime Subscription With The New Update

Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds, better known as PUBG is one of the most played games all over the world in current time. Many youngsters are loving the amazing game scenario, the excellent graphics of the game. Tencent, the maker of this game has introduced PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions with the update 0.11.5.  Now, you can avail daily Unknown Cash (UC), in-game discounts and can even purchase items with Battle Points (BP) in the game. Technographx will give you brief about the prime subscription in this post.

PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus Subscriptions

Both these plans, Prime and Prime Plus subscription are available for both Android and iOS users. The Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions are available at Rs. 85 and Rs. 400 per month for Android. The Prime plan is available for Rs. 79 and Prime Plus for Rs. 419 per month for iOS. The Prime Plus will be available at Rs. 850 and Rs. 799 for Android and iOS respectively after the first month. The pricing plans are somewhat different in the US as compared to India. The mobile players in the US will have to pay $0.99 for Prime and $4.99 for Prime Plus. The Prime Plus will be available for $9.99 will be available for $9.99 after the first month. There is no difference between the pricing plans of Android and iOS players. Let’s have a look at the features provided in PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions:-

Prime Subscription Features

  • You can purchase items with Battle Points (BP) – Seven days/30 days
  •    You can collect 5 Unknown Cash (UC) daily for a total of 150 UC

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Prime Plus Subscription Features

  •    In Prime Plus, you can earn 10 Royal Pass (RP) points per day
  •    There are daily discounts on different game items
  •    You can collect 20 UC daily for a total of 600 UC
  •    You can Purchase items with BP – Seven days/30 days/permanent
  •  The First Classic Crate lottery every day will be available at 50% off in Prime Plus Subscription.

The developer company is rolling out the 0.11.5 update for providing better gameplay experience, build stronger engagement and for having a new revenue source. It is expected that the new version will bring a lot of new features for PUBG players including a companion system. There will be a new mode called ‘Darkest Night.’ too in the game. So, just get excited for the newer version of the game. Hope you have got the idea of the prime subscription of PUBG mobile clearly!