Instagram, you will surely know about this social media platform which was acquired by Facebook back in 2012. Instagram is one of the most popular and biggest photo and video sharing platforms in the world! 

Instagram lets you connect with your favorite influencers, celebrities, and even with your family and friends. You can even send them direct messages, share videos and photos with them, and even comment and like their posts.

According to the statistics, smartphone users in the US spend around 46% of their time on Instagram daily! Apart from smartphone users, Instagram is also well-known among the brands and business owners as they can promote their services and products to potential users. 

However, if you want to stalk your boyfriend/girlfriend or check out your favorite celeb, you need Picuki for that.

Now, you would ask, what is Picuki? Right?

Pickup is an online Instagram story viewer site that lets you browse your Instagram account without logging in. Moreover, you can also edit photos with this site and stalk someone if you want! 

Also, Picuki is completely mysterious, which means even if you have viewed someone’s profile, this site doesn’t allow the account holder to know about it. Apart from stalking profiles, with Picuki, you can also view and download big posts, stories, and profile pictures in full size.

Picuki also allows users to create new Instagram tools to use as marketing strategies. This is all done using Instagram API (Application Programming Interface). 

Checking Instagram Profile in Picuki


To check someone’s Instagram, you will first need to create an account and then send them a follow request, right? And, when they accept it, you can check their account. 

But with Picuki, you can fulfill this by being a guest. However, it’s sad to say that only a few people know about this website. 

As mentioned before, Picuki Instagram allows you to look across different profiles without registering, thus allowing you to check the latest topics regarding several locations, hashtags, and more. 

The best thing about Picuki is that you will be unidentified whenever you check out someone’s profile through this website. That’s because Picuki will keep no details or records of your visit to your friend’s profile. 

Picuki Instagram is an online tool with which you can check out, change, or even save Instagram content if you like something! This website is totally free of charge, and also, you don’t have to submit or provide account details on Instagram before using Picuki.

So, if you are an influencer, who wants to draw your fans’ attention to your Instagram profile in a fun and practical manner, tell them to use Picuki first. 

As it is easy, and they won’t have to set up an Instagram account. All they need to do is search your profile in the search bar, and if they like your profile, they might start following you.

After that, you can offer them some branded gifts or stickers as a Thank you gesture. Fans love to participate in a giveaway that offers gifts like die-cut stickers, lapel pins, and stuff like that.

If you are representing a brand, you can also add logos, icons, slogans, etc., to the design. Adding these things will offer a personal touch and will even impress users’ attention, thus increasing your followers and interaction.

How Does Picuki Work?


If you ever happen to visit the Picuki website, you will notice that they offer an easy-to-understand interface. All you need to do is just enter the user’s name in the search bar on the website’s home screen and press enter. 

After pressing enter, the algorithm of Picuki will start working and show you several possible results, similar to Instagram. When you select one of the profiles from the list, you will be able to see all the details like hashtags, stories, posts, and more.

Instagram Picuki also lets you download the pictures by simply clicking on the ‘download’ button beneath the post. If you want to download an image on your smart device, you just need to select an appropriate folder of your choice and the image will be downloaded instantly. 

Although, this is only relevant to hashtags, stories, and other such content. Moreover,  you can even use Picuki’s website to go through different Instagram websites. To view stories, you can click on them twice to view the content. 

Is There Any App for Picuki?


There is no official app for Picuki available yet. It is a kind of software that can be accessed through browsers. 

Pick Privacy Guide


As it is an online free tool, Picuki won’t ask you for your personal info such as email addresses, credit card numbers, etc. But since you are using the platform, they might ask you to add your contact information, just to improve the overall user experience. 

Also, do remember that Picuki collects and keeps the user’s information only for the first time. Additionally, you may be asked to run antivirus scans regularly to keep your data protected.

Advantages of Pickup?


The most important advantage of Picuki is that anyone can access Instagram without opening an account! In most of the apps, you will be asked to sign in to access photos and videos, but that’s the case with Picuki.

Another advantage of Picuki is that you can edit images because it acts as an image editor as well. With Picuki, you can adjust brightness, sharpness, saturation, and more.


Pickup is an app that lets you check Instagram accounts without getting noticed or logging in. Apart from that, with Picuki, you can also stalk your friends and family, especially ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. 

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