Phone Cleaner For Android 2019 – App To Maximize Android Performance

Phone Cleaner For Android

It has been more than a decade that Android has made its colossal appearance in the digital world. It was never estimated and it can never be estimated that to what extent this Android will thrive to! Phone Cleaner for Android seems to be a prerequisite for all the existing and upcoming versions of this platform.

There are uncountable rather infinite apps available on the Google Play Store divided into different categories. Out of those apps, choosing the right one is very important. Simplifying it for you, we have found the best of them all namely Advanced Phone Cleaner.

Justifying to its name, this phone cleaner for Android provides all the advanced and updated methods to implement a sustainable Android life. It encircles many features that deduct the need to download multiple apps to perform certain functions. It is an app that surely maximizes an Android’s performance.

Features of Advanced Phone Cleaner (Best Android Phone Cleaner App)

Phone Cleaner For Android


1) Junk Cleaner

The most essential quality of this phone cleaner for Android program is the Junk Cleaner.  Uninstalling an app does not delete all of the associated information.  Additionally, cache and temp files find a house in the storage area of the unit, seizing memory.  Hence, regular cleaning of this digital crap is essential. This Junk Cleaner program clears all those unwanted files to free up the storage area.

2) Speed Booster

A smartphone is a basic amenity today. When downloads at a smartphone cross a certain perimeter, its ability is affected. The RAM of the phone becomes covered with all of the downloaded programs. The phone gets satisfactorily slow and irritating. In such scenarios, Speed Booster can genuinely be a savior.  It shuts down the background programs that occupy RAM, which leads to an accelerated device. It frees up the space to provide a substantial speed to your device.

3) Social Cleaner

This phone cleaner for Android app provides with an extra feature of cleaning the smartphone or tablet from undesirable downloaded data from Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, and Instagram.  This will enhance a clean and managed phone which has selective photos and media, hence creating space and generating chances of operating an Android at a considerably good speed.

4) Battery Booster

Battery provides energy to our smartphones so that it can operate. Long display timings trigger battery drainage. Accessing smartphones for leisure and work is has become a habit of almost every individual in this technological age.  Battery Booster can simplify it for you. It includes vast power that may boost the battery duration. In a single tap, it frees up RAM and eliminates the undesirable processes running in the background that causes your battery to degrade.

5) Antivirus

It is high-security antivirus protection which protects you from various dangers in the digital world.  It functions as an effective remedy to malware and viruses which attempt to corrupt the files and programs on a device.  This phone cleaner for Android Antivirus retains its database upgraded so that it remains resistant to each new infection in the Android globe.

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6) Game Booster

Mobile games have become the ideal entertainer that can relax you quickly.  Suppose you are in the middle of killing the terrorist and you died because your game was SLOW!  Mobile games are designed to satisfy our needs but not to cause irritation and anxiousness. Advanced Phone Cleaner includes an algorithm which shuts down the procedures that slow down your game.  This results in a great gaming experience within seconds.

7) Duplicates Cleaner

Save space by removing similar or look-alike photos. Duplicates Cleaner is a feature of one of the best phone cleaners for Android and it can help you out by simplifying this issue very quickly. It has different filters like GPS, time and degree of similarity embedded in it, so you can readily select photos to be displayed in groups accordingly.  Now you can choose to delete duplicate photos.

8) Application Manager

Managing apps on your mobile is a very tedious task to do. Apps that are no longer useful to you are still using the space in your mobile. But why to worry when you have Application Manager with you. Application Manager can manage all the installed apps on the phone. This module of best phone cleaner for Android also provides a backup feature with which a backup of each app can be created for future use.

9) File Manager

It aims at conserving time and coordinating the overall device.  All the contents on our Android as documents, files, pictures, videos, etc. are displayed on its home page.  You can browse through these files without needing to start and do it with individual files. You can open, delete and pick the desired file from this feature of Advanced Phone Cleaner.

10) Notification Manager

Relevant information like missed call, text message, system upgrades, and downloaded apps produce notifications. This makes the notification bar look like a cluttered stash of notifications. Notification Manager can successfully reevaluate how notifications are presented. It manages all of the notifications without difficulty.  This phone cleaner for Android lets it produce a cluster of notifications in one bar. It has an important quality that respects privacy.  It doesn’t reveal the notification. Instead, it badges an icon with the number of notifications an app obtained.

11) Secure Browser

The digital world is filled with susceptibilities. Your surfing history or cookies could be monitored and misused.  The browser makes sure your surfing history and cookies aren’t tracked. Hence your privacy is protected.

12) CPU Cooler

It assesses and controls CPU temperature to perform proper functioning of CPU.  Overheating during phone usage may affect the internal configuration of a device.  Therefore it’s crucial to keep appropriate levels of temperature. CPU Cooler of this phone cleaner for Android cools down the temperature to a normal value.

13) Device Information

This Attribute is a compact makeup of all of the information related to a device as the status of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Version number, Android edition, etc. It’s been designed to improve the user’s advantage.

14) Real-Time Protection

Antivirus works efficiently for any virus or malware in existing applications.  When you download an application from the play store, you can’t test it for any infection.  Real-time Protection ensures that you’re safe from these fallacious threats.  It informs you regarding any harm the newly installed app can cause.  It scans the program as soon as it is downloaded and tells you if it’s safe or not.

Advanced Phone Cleaner is definitely an app worth trying. It covers the need for installing multiple apps. This is surely the one phone cleaner for Android that can maximize the performance of your Android smartphone and tablet.  

Phone Cleaner For Android