Easiest And Hardest Online Courses

Online Courses

Easy and hard are quite relative terms. What might be easy for you may not be easy for another and vice versa for hard? While undertaking an online class, you may not be able to know which courses would be easy and those that are hard. You may find yourself immersed in a course only to waste your time and energy in something that you were unable to do. To avoid this, you need to be aware of which courses you can smoothly sail through and those that will need more than two sailors.

Some of the characteristics of easy courses include a short time span for completion and being offered by many institutions. You will also realize that most of these easy courses are not accredited. The hard courses take a relatively long time to be completed and the majority of them are certified. In order to successfully complete a course, one must acquire the knowledge and skills for that particular course. Some courses simply require knowledge while others require both. There are many free online courses available in the market.

Below we shall highlight some of the courses we believe are the easiest to pursue as an online student and those that we consider a little bit tough.

Easy Courses
1) English classes

Online Courses

Source: onlinelanguageacademy.com

If you can already speak the English language, this will be easy as eating a pie. The same goes for those trying to learn it as an alternative language. The course outline is simple and the whole course takes a short while to learn. In addition, the course does not involve practical experiments that will require the student to seek for assistance from an instructor. This is quite an easy online course as well as an important one since most job requirements specify that one has to be proficient in the English language.

2) Sociology

This is one of those courses that complement other courses beautifully. This as an additional course has so many advantages it will blow your mind. You will be able to analyze social structures and how they affect the society we live in. you will then be able to create an impact in other peoples’ lives and with time, create a positive change that is desperately needed in the world we live in. The average time required to complete this course for any online institution is approximately twelve weeks.

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Hard Courses
1) Biology

Online Courses

Source: vamospanish.com

This is a science that majorly focuses on studying living organisms. It is highly practical and sitting on your computer all day cannot make it easier. You need to go out in the world and get in touch with all these tools and creatures so as to have an in-depth understanding of the subject. You may understand the theory part but most students who study biology end up in the medical field and handle real patients. Theory will therefore be insufficient knowledge since skills are required. the course can take up to three years for completion.

2) Computer science

This is a course that heavily relies on the understanding and designing of computer systems. There’s an intense involvement of computer manufacturing that requires more time and energy. This course leads one to acquire the skills needed to come up with the complex systems. It is therefore not a course that can be quickly done in a span of two months.