When it comes to entertainment, cartoons and animated movies are at the epitome of popularity. Kids and teenagers look for opportunities to get some break from their monotonous routine of studies to grab the remote and watch some cartoons. Now, as the time is more about online viewing and OTT releases, cartoons and animations also find their way into the digital platforms. Let’s see one punch man season 3.

Nowadays, animes are ruling the minds of teenagers with their gripping stories and jaw-dropping sequences that get them hooked. Animes are primarily animated movies or series made by the directors and producers of Japan. One punch man is one such anime series that gained immense popularity among anime lovers. Ever since the success of one man punch season 2, people have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of One punch man season 3.

What Is One Punch Man?

one punch man season 3

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One punch man is an anime series of Japanese manga superheroes that saw its creation through the hands of artist ONE. Tomihiro Suzuki is the writer for the story of this series, which made its way to the screen under the direction of Shingo Natsume for season 1 and Chikara Sakurai. The series came under the production of Chinatsu Matsui, Nobuyuki Hosoya, and their team. Comedy and action are the two main pillars of this series as the comedy will make you laugh your heart out, while the action sequences will glue you to your seat with anticipation for the next move. 

The story revolves around Saitama, who is a regular office worker. One fine day he decided to help a child from the looming danger. Ever since then, he started going through training via numerous exercises that would get him extremely strong. His training turned out to be successful when he gained immense strength to defeat any enemy, how powerful they might be, with just one punch. 

When Is One Punch Man Season 3 Coming Out?

One Punch Man season 3 got delayed as the fans predicted its release in 2020. The sudden hit of the Covid-19 pandemic stalled the progress, and thus it got delayed. The release of season 2 of one man punch drew a lot of criticism from the viewers, and thus many felt that season 3 would not come out anymore. The production team did not officially announce anything about One Punch Man season 3 yet, but you can calm yourself as the show is canceled.

This is evitable from the appeal by the producers and makers of this series to the masses. They thanked the viewers for watching season 2. Along with thanksgiving, they promised them about starting the production of a better One Man Punch season 3 if they had their continued support.

The show gained immense popularity among the fans for Saitama’s ability to knock the mightiest heroes down with just a punch. The most important thing to consider here is if the third season of one man punch fails to release, the fans would never know about the journey of Saitama. They would miss the story of the struggles he had to endure to reach that epitome of strength and be at par with such other superheroes. 

As per the expectation and analysis of the industry experts, the One Punch Man season 3 release date might be out around the summer of 2022. Officially speaking, there is no confirmation about One Punch Man season 3 release, but the chances of season 3 getting released before the summer of 2022 is impossible.  

Plot Of The Story Expected For One Punch Man Season 3

one punch man season 3

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In season 3 of One Punch Man, the story revolves around the main protagonist Saitama. Saitama will again lodge battles against the superheroes of the world and the villains and defeat them with just one punch again. You might have a chance to witness the character development of Garuo and know something important about his human side. The possibilities are that the storytellers will reveal a few of the life’s developments that Garuo faced during his growth through the years. There might also be a revelation of Garuo’s human side that might lead to interesting plot development. 

The most enthralling expectation that you can keep from One Punch Man season 3 is to witness the fight between Saitama and Garuo. Garuo is impossible to defeat with just one punch, whereas Saitama is famous for his one-punch finishes. Thus, the fight and conclusion of the same will be something the fans are eagerly waiting for. 

A few one-on-one battles between the heroes of S rank in Hero Association and members of the Monster Association might occupy some of the screen time. The chances are that the audience will get to see more of Lord Orochi. Thus, you can expect a fight sequence between Lord Orochi and Saitama.

Does One Man Punch Have Enough Story To Create A Season Out Of?

one punch man season 3

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Animes are mostly made out of materials that have already passed the publication houses. Thus, the stories have a definite end. Such materials are often known as Manga. Even One Punch Man is the result of a story written in the form of a Manga. The availability of Manga will determine whether the plot can continue or whether the story will come to an abrupt end. 

There are a total of 23 manga volumes for One Punch Man in Japan. The 24th volume of the Manga is not out yet, but the experts speculate its release by 2021. There are a few months left for this year to end, and we need to wait for it to come out this year or push to 2022.

As you already know, One Man Punch has a season 1 and season 2, the material for One Punch Man Season 3 will be available only when a few Manga volumes remain. The making of One Punch Man season 1 consumed volume 1 to volume 7 of the Manga, whereas Season 2 of One Punch man covered Volumes 8 to 16. It leaves just 7 mangas for One Man punch season 3’s plot. 

The author of the Manga, Yusuke Murata, publishes the latest volume of the Manga on 4th January 2021. As the volumes are constantly making, you can expect the story to continue for quite some time. 

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Cast Of One Man Punch Season 3

One Punch Man season 3 might have the following people giving voice over to the key roles;

  • Makoto Furukawa might lend his voice for Saitama.
  • Kaito Ishikawa might give his voice for Genos.
  • Shota Yamamoto  might give a voice-over for Bearded Worker,
  • Ueda Youji voice will be for the Bespectacled Worker, 
  • Nobuo Tobita will be the voice behind Sitch, 
  • Hiromichi Tezuka will voice for the Commentator, 
  • Sawashiro Yuuichi  might lend his voice for Mumen Rider 
  • Yoshiaki Hasegawa will hold the voice for Eyelashes.     

Above is all the available information about One Punch Man season 3. Keep your nerves steady and eagerly wait for its arrival. You can try rewatching the first two seasons on Netflix so that you have a fresher memory to start with Season 3.

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