Norogami Season 3: Is there Any News for its Release?

norogami season 3

Norogami is a nice Japanese anime series loved by viewers a lot with two seasons and waiting for norogami season 3. There are two seasons released until now and both of them have received a superb response from their fans. The meaning of Norogami in English means “Stray God ”. There are a total of 12 episodes of season 1 which aired from January to March 2014 and season 2 has 13 episodes which aired from October 2015 to December 2015. Both seasons received a good response from viewers. 

Its fans want to know about when the Norogami season 3 will be released as they are super excited to watch it. It is obvious that the fans would be demanding a season 3 now as more than 6 years have passed after the release of season 2. But currently, there is no news for Norogami’s season 3 release date. Let us read ahead and know what more information we have on this. 

Will the Official News for Norogami Season 3 Come Anytime Soon?


As far as the news in the market is concerned, there is no talk about Norogami season 3, its making, or anything related to the production or casting. So, it is hard to say that we can expect the next season to be released in near future. 

Will Noragami Season 3 Ever Happen?


There are very few chances of season 3 going to happen because if there were any plans of making it, it would have been released until now because there is a big gap between the season 2 and season 3 timeline.

If the team wanted to make it, they would have released season 3 until now but there is no news in the market for the same so we can see that there is very little possibility of season 3 to happen. 

Another probable reason for the producers not investing their money for the next season is that the previous season got a big loss and also the sales of the Manga were reduced a lot. If the producers are making losses, it doesn’t make a favorable situation for them to work on a new season. 

If the series gets a new set of producers who are willing to invest money for the next season, there is a possibility of season 3 getting released. 

Also, many web series are booming in 2021 so there is a big potential for season 3 to make a good revenue seeing the demands of online movies, web series, and OTT platforms post-Covid. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season so it is highly likely that the series will get a good viewership and generate a good revenue if it is released in 1-2 years. 

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For those of you who don’t know the plot of this exciting series. Read ahead and get to know. 

There is a girl named Hiyori Iki who meets with an accident while she was protecting a stranger. After this incident, she becomes aware of two parallel worlds – one where the good humans reside (called the Near Shore) and the second where demons reside (called Far Shore). Her soul used to remain sad after this incident. 

At this time, she meets a strange, nameless god called Yato. This god does not have a shrine so he has decided to make his name and for this, he accepts any wish for 5 yen. When Hiyori comes in contact with this God, she asks to fix her injury for 5 yen and the God accepts it. Then the adventure starts in the series with Hiyori, the God, and Yukine – which is a weapon from a dead human’s soul.

Where to Watch the Previous Seasons?


You can watch the previous seasons on Amazon Prime and Funimation. Watch them now if you haven’t, and enjoy watching an amazing anime series. Also, you can read the Manga if you like reading. You will enjoy knowing the plot ahead of the previous seasons. Manga 1-9 covers season 1 and 2 so for reading the plot of season 3, you can read from Manga 10. 

That’s it, currently, there is no news for Norogami season 3 so till that time enjoy reading the Manga or go for any other anime series. Stay tuned to know more about the next season of Norogami!

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