Logo Design Questions To Revamp Your Non-Profit Marketing Strategy

Imagine You have been running the non-profit business for decades. But, your logo design still remains the same. Is it the right time for you to redesign your logo and give wings to your non-profit venture? It might be a possibility that your logo is starting to look a little tired. You might also want to change it if it has been a long time since it has been utilised. Maybe you are a little doubtful of what to put across in your logo. It is but obvious that you do not want to rush again. A little time for contemplation can be highly useful in making up your mind.

A logo is a missing puzzle that can do a world of good to your overall non-profit marketing strategy by having a positive impact on your brand. This is the very first thing that your supporters will observe when they see your organisation. It can be at the top of the website, front and center on your social media accounts, and of course on printed and digital promotional materials.

In case, you are contemplating on whether it is the right time to redesign your logo, the questions given in the forthcoming sections will do a world of good to help you make this final decision.

Does Your Logo Look Clean And Brief?

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There might be times when you would be required to shrink your logo. A prime example of that is when you want to fit it in the header of a website. Remember, a logo that is not simple enough and contains too many graphics can be very hard to decipher and shrunk to smaller sizes. Here are some ideas on health logo designs.

Does The Text On Your Logo Look Easy To Read?

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Your logo is the combination of the color of the text and the font employed on the text. If you use too light colors it will gel well with the white background. On the contrary, if you are using fonts having a script style or decorative it might look attractive but are quite tough to read at smaller fonts.

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How Many Colors Does Your Logo Apply?

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There are times when organisations feel 3 or more colors are better for a logo design. But, that is not correct. A logo design should be extremely simple. The more simple it is, the better is the final output. Although multi-colored logos are good looking, the more color you add to your logo, the more complex they become. This results in making it look muddled and unreadable at smaller sizes.

Does Your Logo Look Like It Was Created In The 20th Century?

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If your logo looks like it is 100 years old, it is about time to update it. It is one thing to make your logo look antique but it is another thing if it looks like a scanned piece of art collection from 1990s.

Does Your Logo Gel Up Well With Your Non-Profit Venture?

Remember, your logo should represent your brand’s personality. In case, your organisation believes in traditional techniques your logo should reflect that. If you work for the betterment of children’s future your logo should reflect that. Remember, at the end of the day your logo should represent the overall theme and mission of your non-profit venture.

It should be a representation of the general nature and mission of your non-profit.

Did A Professional Designer Create The Existing Logo?

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mg.comIn case, your answer is no, it is high time to take the services of a professional graphic designing company that has relevant experience in creating logos for nonprofits. While there are people who might propagate employing DIY techniques to create logo we differ from their opinion. There are certain things that need to be left to the experts who have the technical know-how of delivering high-quality output. In addition to this, if you avail the services of a professional designer, chances are, it will help you in making your brand cohesive across all your collateral materials.

Does Your Logo Represent The Name Of Your Organisation As It Wants To Be Called By Your Target Audience?

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In case, your logo represents an acronym, make sure that your non-profit organisation uses that acronym. If your organisation prefers a full name, it would be criminal to use an acronym in the logo. Remember, making your target audience comprehend your brand using the logo is the basic objective of designing a logo.

Do You Have A Logo Design That Goes With The Transparent Background That Can Be Used Surfaces That Are Not White?

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If you are taking the services of a professional design company, ask them whether they can provide alternatives to the white background of your logo along with transparent version so that it can be employed using different colors or pattern backgrounds.

Have You Created More Than One Variation Of Your Logo?

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Although this seems to be a very small factor it can have a huge impact on your non-profit marketing strategy. In case, you have more than one variation of your logo you can use one of them that consists of a tagline and the other one without it. This is especially useful when there is a space constraint while uploading the logo.

In case, you have answered more than two “Nos” to these questions it is worth considering redesigning your logo to revamp your non-profit marketing strategy. If you still think it is not worth it at least have a word with a graphic designer who will give you different variations for your logo, or else you can design a logo on your own with the help of an absolutely free Logo Creator app. It has features of creating versatile Logo designs which will make your life easier. Always ensure that your logo is scalable and readable. It should be easy to use for all marketing collaterals.

There might be times when you decide against a complete overhaul of your logo design, in such cases simply refresh and update certain parts of your existing logo. This can be done by taking the help of a graphic designer who will give new appeal to your logo by updating the font and setting the color which will make a hell of a difference to your overall non-profit marketing strategy.