We all know the current scenario around the world is demanding social distancing and self-quarantine. And this is only good for us. In the 21st century, where social networking grew so strong, we spend most of our time with friends. Every weekend is a plan to watch a series or movies on Netflix! But what now? We don’t know how much time we will have to spend in quarantine. People who have work from home can still spend their time, but what about others! 

The weekend is here again! But there will be no Netflix and chilling. What a horrible weekend!

Hey! Hey! Stop right there. Who said you couldn’t chill out with friends. You can still watch movies on Netflix. 

How? We have to maintain social distancing until this gets over!

Through Netflix Party!

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party

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Consider this as a blessing in disguise! Netflix has launched its new google chrome extension to do the party while you are apart from the friends. Here’s how to watch Netflix with friends, even if you are miles apart.

Netflix’s new extension is a google chrome extension. So it is obvious you will have to sacrifice watching movies on TV and opt for desktop, tablet, or laptop. Don’t feel disappointed. After looking at its features, you will be thankful and contented.

First, you will have to download the Netflix Party extension from the chrome extension store. Once you are done with the installation, start chilling! 

But for that, you need to have a Netflix account your own or the shared one. Anything is okay! 

Let’s Start the Party

Netflix Party

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Once you are ready with the installation, browse through the number of options in movies and series, choose the one you want. (or decide over WhatsApp group chat about which one to watch!)

Then, click on the “NP” button. There you will also find a checkbox “Only I have control” if you tick mark the checkbox, the access to skip or control the video will be with you.

And then, as you click on the “Start the Party,” the unique URL will be created. You will have to share the URL with your friends and tell them to join. Once they are in, you can stream your Netflix and chill session even in quarantine.

The dropdown box where you will get the URL will also have the checkbox of “Show Chat.” If you want to enable the chat feature, check the box and, if not, uncheck it. Then share the URL.

 Once the receiver clicks on the link, the video will start streaming, they will have to click on the extension to enter the chatroom.

What Can You do in Netflix Party’s Chatroom?

Netflix Party

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– It is a place where you can see who joined and left the video streaming

– You can also comment on the scenes and episodes, just like you would when together.

You can also customize your profile picture and nickname in the chatroom by clicking on the Profile icon at the top-right corner. The positive point of the chatroom is only the joiners and see the comment, and once you close the stream, everything is gone!

And as you all are done with the movie, you can disconnect the stream by clicking on the NP icon and press “Disconnect.” Or else just close the video and go back to Netflix’s homepage.

Now you can feel a little less alone with the Netflix New Extension. Hurry up and start your own Netflix and chill party with friends or cousins, even in social distancing.

Netflix Party

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