An Overview of Native app vs Hybrid app for App Development

Application development is at a rapid pace today due to the increasing usage of smartphones, tablets, iPads and so on. The application development companies are busy developing the best applications for their clients these days.There are two very popular types of apps built by the developers, one is the native application and the other is the hybrid application. Let us have a look at native app vs hybrid app comparison.

The Native application is a software or a program that has been developed for performing specific tasks on a particular platform or an environment. The Native application can be built using the software development tools for a certain operating system, hardware platform, and software framework.

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For example, the Android apps are built using the Java Development Kit on the Java platform and the iOS app is built using the iOS SDK, Objective C, and Swift.

The hybrid apps are native apps only as it can be downloaded from the platform’s app store like the native app. The hybrid apps get access to all the platform features of native apps and the performance is also close.

The Hybrid apps are built using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS whereas the Native apps are built using the specific technologies and platforms like the Java for Android and Swift for iOS.

Why Hybrid App

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The Hybrid apps require the code to be written once and the code can be used for any platform. But for the native app scenario, we have to write separate code for each and every platform.

The same development team can deliver the app for any platform and website as the technologies are web technologies.

A hybrid app is based on the web technologies so the app can be run on any browser just like any other website.

It can achieve the same hardware-based performance acceleration as the native app.

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Why Native app

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The graphical applications, HD games, and intensive animation applications will perform well on the native app because the native code will be faster than the HTML, JavaScript. The React Native App Development is a framework for bulding native applications using JavaScript.

The Native apps don’t have many dependencies on the open source libraries and the platforms like Cordova and Ionic.

So, this was the basic overview of Native app vs Hybrid app. The decision to select one of them is based on the requirements of the company.