7 Most Watched Movies on Netflix – For your Netflix and Chill Plan!

Most Watched Movies on Netflix

In the last article, you read about the most watched shows on Netflix. Web series takes much time to complete, and even some take a few days! And trust us, waiting for another weekend to arrive to complete the series is so tricky. Suspense it has created makes us want more and more. No matter how much you binge-watch but you will definitely have to wait but if you are okay with it. Then, carry on with the series.

This blog is for you if you are impatient just like me. I would definitely watch web series but the ones that I can complete in a day or two. Other than this, there is only one option left – movies. You can watch a film in a day within a limited time. So there won’t be any regret, even if you have to leave for urgent work or a sudden party plan. 

We already helped you out with most viewed Netflix shows, today we will tell you about the most watched movies on Netflix that you can go for! 

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We have included every necessary information, from IMDb ratings to its views, and overview along with its genre.

7. Secret Obsession

IMDb ratings:- 4.3/10

Views:- 40 million

Genre:- Psychological Thrillers

Cast:- Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, Dennis Haysbert

Director:- Peter Sullivan

Runtime:- 1h 37m

Release year:- 2019

When Jennifer wakes up with amnesia after a traumatic attack, her doting husband cares for her. But she soon realizes the danger is far from over. She gets to know the one who is claiming to be her husband isn’t her husband. Its someone else who is pretending to be her husband. But now the question is who is he then? What happened to her husband? Why did he do that? Many questions, and answers? Watch the movie to know the details.

6. The Highwaymen

IMDb ratings:- 6.9/10

Views:- 40 million

Genre:- Biopic

Cast:- Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson, Kathy Bates

Director:- John Lee Hancock

Runtime:- 2h 12m

Release year:- 2019

This movie is based on real events. The story starts with the jailbreak. The two criminals who did many armed robberies and cold-blooded murders broke the jail and went. Now the whole city is in fear. Two steely former Texas Rangers are tasked with tracking and killing infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde in this crime drama. 

5. Tall Girl

IMDb ratings:- 5.3/10

Views:- 41 million

Genre:- Comedy

Cast:- Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Sabrina Carpenter

Director:- Nzingha Stewart

Runtime:- 1h 42m

Release year:- 2019

If you are a tall guy, there aren’t many problems you are gonna face, but if you’re a tall girl, then there will be specific problems. And this movie is totally based on it. There are only her best friends who will support her till the end and will make her love herself first. Even her sister is going to help her with love feeling things. So finally, after years of stooping through life, 6-foot-1 teen Jodi resolves to conquer her insecurities. But things get interesting when she gets caught up in a high school love triangle. 

4. The Perfect Date

IMDb ratings:- 5.8/10

Views:- 48 million

Genre:- Comedy, Rom-Com

Cast:- Noah Centineo, Laura Marano, Camila Mendes

Director:- Chris Nelson

Runtime:- 1h 30m

Release year:- 2019

It all started with when Brooks was offered to take Celia on a date. While on the date he gets an idea to earn money for college, then a high schooler launches an app offering his services as a fake date. But when real feelings emerge, things get complicated. Watch the movie to see how Brooks finds himself and solve the things he started.

3. Triple Frontier

IMDb ratings:- 6.5/10

Views:- 52 million

Genre:- Action & Adventure

Cast:- Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam

Director:- J.C. Chandor

Runtime:- 2h 5m

Release year:- 2019

The movie has suspense, excitement, and action all together. While watching the movie, you surely gonna have a roller coaster ride of emotions. Loyalties are tested when five former special forces operatives reunite to steal a drug lord’s fortune, unleashing a chain of unintended consequences. They are going to use their extraordinary skills for their own sake, its a do or die situation here.

2. Murder Mystery

IMDb ratings:- 6.0/10

Views:- 73 million

Genre:- Dark Comedy

Cast:- Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans

Director:- Kyle Newacheck

Runtime:- 1h 37m

Release year:- 2019

On a long-awaited trip to Europe, a New York City cop and his hairdresser wife scramble to solve a baffling murder aboard a billionaire’s yacht. Its a movie with crime-solving and comedy. See how Aniston uses her humor in the film, along with her expressions and Sandler, uses his detective skills to solve the murder. They both help each other in solving the murder and saving themselves.

1. Bird Box

IMDb ratings:- 6.6/10

Views:- 80 million

Genre:- Sci-Fi Thriller

Cast:- Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich

Director:- Susanne Bier

Runtime:- 2h 4m

Release year:- 2018

Ever wonder what if your worst fear gets alive. The movie describes a creature that transforms into your worst fear once you see it. Five years after an ominous unseen presence drives most of society to suicide, a survivor and her two children make a desperate bid to reach safety. To save herself and her children from the creature, she blindfolds them and travels in search of a safe place. See how she struggles to save the life.

Most Watched Movies on Netflix

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Here we end our article, on both most viewed shows and movies on Netflix. Go with the one you think is according to the genre you like. Click here and get the Netflix subscription with 30 days of a free trial and enjoy your favorite movies. We hope we helped you in selecting the best movies and shows to make your weekend watch-worthy! To know this type of entertainment news visit Technographx.