5 Mobile App Development Trends Of 2019

mobile app development trends of 2019

Mobile application development is at peak and the development trends are going to get change this year. Technographx has brought this article to acknowledge you of the technologies that are going to shape the development trends of apps. Let us have a look at the mobile app development trends of 2019.

Blockchain Technology

mobile app development trends of 2019

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Blockchain is trending all around the world. It has been launched a couple of years back and major financial institutions and investors have reaped huge benefits especially when it comes to assets. It is anticipated that the blockchain technology market is going to hit the $20 billion mark by 2024. There is no doubt that this trend is likely to make headlines in 2019 as mobile applications set to capitalize on the decentralized currency platform.

Integration Of Wearable Appsmobile app development trends of 2019

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Many sectors such as the medical facilities have made use of wearable apps on a day-to-day basis in 2018. The apps have been used for getting the vitals including the heart rate and blood sugar levels in patients. These apps enhance the personality and style of the people. Many companies are planning to have their services integrated on the smartwatches.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

mobile app development trends of 2019

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It is estimated according to the International Data Corporation that the market for AI will be at $40 billion by the year 2020. More sectors are eyeing to have the system integrated together with human intelligence and it will ultimately provide great help to us. Machines are going to be a way smarter than they are now and it is going to provide great benefits to humans. There are also application of artificial intelligence that can help you in analysing and automating your schedules.

On-Demand Apps

mobile app development trends of 2019

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The demand for on-demand apps is expected to increase more in 2019. People are finding it easy to order the food and book a taxi in urgent with such kind of apps and more and more people are installing them seeing the comfort and ease of use the apps provide. The market is going to rise in 2019 for sure.


mobile app development trends of 2019

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It is believed that the chatbots are going to take over the various communication aspects in the mobile app world. There is a great need of having real-time interaction between the service providers and customers and the chatbots are going to help us out in this. The chatbot technology circumvents the need to have human-to-human interaction in various fields.

So, these were the different mobile app development trends of 2019. Hope you have got the idea of how the application development scenario is going to change in 2019 with the above-mentioned technologies being the center point.


mobile app development trends of 2019

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