Mixed Reality Technology is Converging with IoT to Build Some Killer Applications

Mixed Reality Technology

Before stepping into the isle of advanced technologies, firstly we must be crystal clear about every single term that we are going to use ahead in this article, then only a discussion would be worth to start. Having said that, I would recommend everyone to first create a vision in their minds about the real but digitally dominant world, the technology, and a relation between two of them, as it will accommodate to further envision the convergence.

Virtual RealityMixed Reality Technology

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When something exists out of the real world, we call it Virtual. Thus when we develop an object with software or any other way, and which is not tangible, we call it a virtual object. Though the image formed by a mirror is also virtual and erect. But, until it is not used as a primary image by the secondary mirror, we do not call it a virtually real image. Therefore, what we learned through it is, a purpose must be fulfilled, or a task must be accomplished off from it.

Augmented Reality

The term Augment itself defines the half of its meaning, as it adds the Digital Information to the virtually involved objects or the real objects engaged in a virtual world. Adding information digitally to any device, component or an instrument, reduces the probability of failure outcomes or we can say it increases the operational ability of that device.

Mixed Reality Technology

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 Augmented reality makes information things visible even in the virtually created objects so as to make the functioning easy and comprehensible to the worker.

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Mixed Reality

Augmented reality and Virtual reality together create Augmented virtuality, which is when required to represent in front of a user, they are served and called an attribute of mixed reality. Mixed Reality Technology allows the user to not only visualize but also sense the objects that may be created virtually but with a touch of reality alongside. As far as Extended reality is concerned, then complete control of a computer is a basic thing for it. Unless something is not completely controlled and functioned by computers, it cannot be stated as ‘Extended reality’.

What IoT does?

IoT usually fetches the data from the surroundings so as to analyze and make it visible or function whenever asked or required by the user. The data it fetches is colloquially called ‘Data points’. Now, as the basic things are hopefully clear we shall put down some sectors which use mixed reality applications converged with IoT technology-


  • If you are in a room full of machines, you would be able to see the temperature of each and every machine without touching it. Its vibrations, the time span it has been running since its last service and any relevant data that could be impactful to the body and helpful for the worker or technician in the room.
  • A helmet is reportedly being prepared by a Los Angeles based firm DAQRI, which is said to be equipped with technologies like thermal vision and IoT, having all operational data fed in it and manages to visualize with the help of AR and VR in front of the technician wearing it. Allowing him not to touch the machine yet capable of knowing every necessary information regarding the machinery.
  • Centrifugal pumps are being cured with the help of IoT data and software which are embedded with AR and VR, capable of visualizing an animated model of centrifugal pumps in transparent 3D form, as the pumps are not easy to disassemble and check every possible problem.

It is believed that firms which are taking IoT as their support are reviving their pumps 4 to 5 days prior to its failure. Consequently, getting an uninterrupted line of supply.


  • Automobile giant Rolls Royce states that ‘Cargo shipping through the ferries across the border through aquatic means of transport is not best under human control’.

It is envisaged after this statement that according to Rolls Royce, it would be much better to let the inspection be done by the drones equipped with AI and machine learning, keeping the manpower away from it and making the process faster.


  • Technical and medical education have become far easier to post the introduction of IoT with AR and VR as because everything is available digitally and can be engaged or disengaged without making a touch.

Renowned institutions like MIT, New York has reportedly adopted this technology very first and have told about the accelerating benefits they saw.


  • An abode of entertainment named ‘Tele-transport booth’ with real-time experiences of several places standing over a single place is prepared as a prototype in New York. It is capable of visualizing people of different places across the globe just by changing the environment inside including temperature, odors with the help of data fetched by IoT means and made possible to visualize with the help of AR and VR.
  • Moreover to this, the involvement of IoT in household entertaining components like AMAZON ALEXA, etc. are not required of any introduction, therefore leaving them.
  • Cars, gadgets, and all the other leisure attributes are nowadays available in the market with technologies like IoT.

A Convergence of IoT With Mixed Reality Means What?

Mixed reality is all about adding or creating. Either it is information or objects which may or may not exist in reality. IoT, on the other end, is about connecting tangible utilities for say Air conditioner, Fan, Television, etc. with the internet, learning the data (daily routine) and reduce their distance from human beings. Convergence simply means narrowing of two parallel things, which are MR and IoT in this case. The applications we have in use are either in the mixed form of software and hardware pieces of equipment.


IoT has grown up during the rise of mobile phones i.e. around late 2000 decade. If we consider the ratio for ‘humans to digital devices’ like mobile phones in 2019, it has gone up for thrice the times it was in 2009. Being optimistic, for now, we can do our best by utilizing the abundance of digital things, design them accordingly, so that they become helpful more and less alternative to the basic necessities like walking and moving. Undoubtedly the involvement of IoT either into household components or manufacturing is quite opulent. Yes, IoT and MR together are giving birth to some killer applications and accommodating a lot. Also, they have gained confidence by every next university and institution because they have the capability to shape life and change the world in a larger way, but parallelly it is hazardous for the labor class which is dependent on their low wages and we should keep moving ahead having this fact in our mind.

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