Excellent Advantages of Microsoft Internet Explorer Even Today

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The Microsoft Internet Explorer is obviously one of the most famous internet browsers in the world and it comes installed on many Windows computers and laptops. It is integrated and so it is faster with the Windows computers. It is universal and many applications are optimized for it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Let us have a look at its advantages :

It is available for free and it has reached a majority of the countries that possess internet connectivity. No matter what is the version of the Windows OS, it is present by default on all of them. It is the most widely used browser all over the world and many sites can be opened specifically for IE.

HTML 5 is used in version 9 and above of IE and it enhances the browsing experience to the next level. The users can stream videos and audios and they don’t have to include any further plugins for this purpose. It being one of the oldest and conventional web browsers support the different varieties of applications which some modern browsers may not able to support.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

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It aids in reopening the latest browsing sessions that the user might have accidentally closed while surfing. Many websites can be viewed only with the IE as it has very high previous large market-share.

There are special features in the IE that can help the users in viewing the sites like the special accessibility setting that can help you to choose to ignore the font styles, color, and size so that you can view them using a custom style sheet as per your requirements.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

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If you are concern about the security then let us inform you that it is having several features regarding security as well. One of which is the zone-based protection framework that groups the websites according to the specific conditions. Various limitations are applied to every particular zone too.

It is also having an attachment security service where the marking of the downloaded executable files is done and it prompts the users to decide whether to trust the file or not. The Microsoft Internet Explorer patch can be downloaded and can be installed on your system if you are not having it installed.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

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So, these were the excellent advantages of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Hope you will love to surf the web on this amazing updated browser once again!