Microsoft Dynamics 365: Manage Your Business in a Better Way

microsoft dynamics 365 crm

Microsoft in November 2016 introduced Dynamics 365 that promises to deliver a new way of managing business processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a new, cloud-based enterprise software platform that bundles CRM, ERP and HCM products along with the Power BI reporting functions in one single package.This platform is developed in such a great manner that the ERP and CRM capabilities are broken down into several applications so that the users can start their work with what they need.

This platform is based on Microsoft’s cloud computing technology service, Azure that is hosted on the data centers all around the world. It will be provided as a SAS (Software as a Service) platform and so it will be accessed through the web browsers rather than installing it on the individual computers.

microsoft dynamics 365 crm

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This will not only help to get the access of Microsoft Dynamics 365 from anywhere all around the world through the internet but also the updates and fixes will be managed by Microsoft automatically.

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It integrates closely with the existing products of Microsoft such as the Outlook, Office 365 and will also be able to connect to the third-party applications. Due to its excellent capabilities and the scalable nature, it is being positioned as a direct competitor to the major players of the ERP and CRM world such as the Oracle and Salesforce.

The software consists of a number of different applications covering a wide variety of business processes, CRM, financial planning and reporting, human resource management, and logistics. It has a common data model and the model keeps the software apart from other platforms as the apps are allowed to share the data.

The apps featured by this platform are as follows:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Sales that enables the users to build and track the relationships with the customers. Get in-depth insights, generate the leads and close the sales quickly.

The aim of the customer service is to drive engagement with the customers and help the users deliver the fast, personalized service for meeting the expectations of the customer.

Operation covers all the aspects of financial and operational planning, manufacturing and supply chain management.

Marketing service with the Adobe Marketing Cloud connects the sales and marketing services for driving revenues.

So, we guess now you have understood the importance and benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and you will surely use it for managing your business in a better way.