When we first came to know about metro games in 2010, they gain quite a lot of traction, and the level of suspense and horror the metro games in order have capture for the first time, it’s simply unparallel! Those who have play the metro game series in the order in the past can remember the thrilling experience when they pass through a dimly lit Moscow Subway. The interesting and striking set of mechanics that the original metro game order has is no less than a fascinating setting for players! It stems directly from the amazing source on which the entire metro game series order is base – Metro 2033, develop by Dmitry Glukhovsky!

This blog is all about celebrating the legacy of the metro games in order where we will discuss why people have love it so much over time, what made them such a big hit, and what was each title of the entire metro game series in order all about.

So, let’s dive in…

Metro 2033

metro games in order

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metro games in order

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The Metro 2033 was launch way back in 2010 on almost all platforms like PC, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and Linux Mac. What gamers have seen in this first installment of the metro games series order is a new home for the survivors who are left with nothing after the end of the nuclear war. It has given a vibe of such a world to the players which have been otherwise impossible to sustain on earth.

The game was develop with the beautiful backdrop of Russia that is all cover with white snow in a never-ending winter. The vital protagonist of this game is Artyom. He has been shown very young, so he is not able to remember how things look like when things were fine. The storyline of the game revolves around the incident when Artyom leaves his new house in search of the safety of the district in which his house was in. It is portrayed in the game that his mission is to fight against a new army about which no one has ever heard. 

In Metro 2033, gamers have to follow and run along Artyom through different long tunnels of the city while he is in a search for help from Polis and the new capital. What makes the game interesting are the contrasting ideologies as we see the Nazis and Communists are struggling and fighting against each other for the remaining part of the land.

However, a darker part of this game is that you can’t be much excite about the environment of the game. It’s because the gameplay of Metro 2033 has outstanding graphical integrity. This is what makes the environment of this game a sad one. Though Metro 2033 is a first-person-shooter game it has completely redefine the concept of one-shooter games as this series has more than one high-end shooter. 

Metro 2033 is that amazing name of the gaming world that has been well-accept by gamers. Portraying of the game has been in a very intricate way. The gamers can see the exact horrifying scenario of a city that it can have after a nuclear war. But some of the critics have comment that the developers of this game were not able to touch the real horror aspect and that made the game look shallow. 

Metro: Last Light 

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metro games in order

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This game first came into existence on May 14, 2013, on almost all famous platforms. Like PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, and Linux. This metro game in order was nothing but an interesting continuation of its primitive version. If you have already play this game, you know that during the second game, Artyom becomes a Spartan Ranger. He is given the responsibility of searching and destroying the last Dark One still alive. It was seen that the last Dark One was still able to overcome the attack of the nuclear missiles and manage to survive.

What made this game significantly different from Metro 2033 was the Last Light. Its focus was divert towards an action-packed, vibrant spectacle from a slow, calm, and survival-focus theme in the past. It can be rightly said that this new direction of the game has transform the way. Gamers had perceived the previous version of metro games in order in the past. 

In Last Night, gamers found that they were restricted to use only two weapons and leverage only a predefined number of fighters. Another remarkable development that has been seen in Metro: Last Night is that players were able to throw weapons and use the knife making use of the hotkeys. Overall, this game is much more fluid when you are using a controller.

Metro Redux

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After Metro 2033 and Metro Last Night had create a remarkable impact in the gaming world. The consoles of the metro games series were transform to achieve a higher frame rate. Graphics in Metro Redux when compare to earlier versions. So, if you are someone who loves the latest consoles in the market and enjoy striking graphics. This version of the metro game order is a perfect one for you.

The Metro Redux is an amazing combination of the earlier two versions. Thus, you will not miss any striking features of the past versions. Moreover, this version of the metro game order is similar to the previous versions concerning price value and in-game mechanics. Also, the Metro Redux version has a unique mask wipe gesture similar to the original metro games in order. These out-of-the-box features make Redux an ideal member of the metro games in order family.

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Metro Exodus 

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The Metro has taken a more perplexing turn than ever when it comes to the metro games series order. It happen when Artyom was left disillusion about the meaning of life. Within the Metro after several episodes of Last Light. Next, Artyom decides to start looking for something else.

For the intense gamers who have not tried Metro Exodus yet, would you like to know what happens next? 

Well, you will find Artyom traveling towards the rustic wasteland of Russia when Anna and Miller join him. After one year of this incident, Artyom and his followers end up revealing. Some amazing details surrounding the rest of the world help them. To realize that they should abandon the metro for good.

What you can find new in this metro game in order is the inclusion of a weather-specific environmental system. That keeps on transforming throughout the year. A larger world when compare to the past titles. An effective upgrade system that can be use everywhere. Though this metro game in order is not open-world. It has create significant levels that can hugely suppress any level that gamers have seen before in the series. This has help players experience the narrative just like the way they like it. 

Final Note

So, this was all about the metro games in order that have been released so far. If you are someone who has not tried your hands on the metro games yet, they are certainly worth playing. But, for those who are waiting for more possible sequels of Exodus, indulge yourself in the metro games series once again and feel the thrill!

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