Messi Awarded The Best Player At The FIFA 2019

FIFA Awards 2019

Football is a game of effort and has a different level of craziness. To honor the efforts and contributions of footballers throughout the whole Year, FIFA Award is the night. The biggest award in the field of football “The FIFA Awards 2019” took place in La Scala Opera House, Milan, Italy on 23rd September. This year proves lucky for Lionel Messi as he beat Virgil van Dijk from Liverpool in the race of Best Male FIFA Player. This was the sixth FIFA award in the Messi’s career, the last award was in 2015. 

While talking about the Best Female FIFA Player, Megan Rapinoe was honored for leading the United States team in the Football World Cup. During the world cup tournament, she scored six goals which earned her the Golden Ball and Golden Boot. She made a strong speech and expressed her concerns about racism and the LGBT community. Her words go something like this.

FIFA Awards 2019


“We have such an incredible opportunity being professional football players,”. “I ask everyone here … lend your platform to other people, lift other people up, share your success. We have a unique opportunity in football different from any other sport in the world to use this beautiful game to actually change the world for better. Do something, do anything. We have incredible power in this room.”

Even Gianni Infantino, FIFA’s President spoke against racism and concerned about the permission to allow women to watch the game in Iran. Currently, women are not allowed to watch football in the stadium in Iran.  

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Messi rival Cristiano Ronaldo missed the event. For some, the night proves lucky and for some luck was not turned yet. The award ceremony was followed by the melodious musical night. 

FIFA Awards 2019


We are presenting you the list of the stars of the night.

Jill Ellis-Titled with the Best Women’s Coach 

Jurgen Klopp took away Men’s Best Coach title

Alisson Becker honored for the FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper

Sari Van Veenendaal -The Best women’s keeper award

Daniel Zsori got the FIFA Puskas Award 

Marcelo Bielsa & Leeds United win the FIFA Fair Play Award. 

Silvia Grecco wins The Best Fan

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FIFA Awards 2019


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