Why This Unique Slot Type “Megaways” is Making Waves in the Online Slots Industry


Are you keen on knowing more on megaslots and also about online slot games in general, then you are in the right place. We will be talking about the new trends that are fast catching up in the world of online slot gaming industry. There is no doubt that the popularity of online slot games is increasing quite rapidly across the world. This is because of some obvious reasons. It is one of the easier online gambling games to play and technology in this field is also bringing in quite a few changes. The new entrants like Megaways Slots are also bringing in quite a few changes to the online slot industry and it would make sense to have a closer look at the reasons as to why there is a growing popularity for these types of online slot games.

Chance of Winning Big

If you are a fan of slots in general and online slots in particular, you need to have a closer look at the likes of Megaways. These slots certainly offer you a chance to win big. You don’t have to be an expert to win big. This is because they have made the whole task of playing online slot games easy and straightforward. Even if you are a beginner, you can get started and get going without too much difficulty. Let us try and have a look at some interesting bits and pieces of information as far as Megaways is concerned. 


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Who Invented It?

Megaways was invented by the well-known company Big Town Gaming. It has stood the test of time and has grown from one level of strength to the other. It offers the players a big and wide range of winning opportunities. You get between two to eight symbols with each of the reels. It, therefore, offers the players a large number of winning combinations. If you sit back and do some research it can go up to thousands of different combinations and winning ways. It is one of the few that offers “all ways play” games and you have a staggering 243 pay lines and that is built into 5 reels with each reel having 5 symbols. 

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How Does It Actually Work?

It would be interesting to have a look at the way in which Megalslots work. It comes with a purple background with a white circle and it also has 50% opacity and it covers half of the background. The blue oval can be seen on the top left. You also will have two lines of text in white and these writings are displayed prominently in the middle. You also will be able to see a slot machine in the bottom left and it could help in dispensing coins around the corner. On the opposite corner, you also will come across a bunch of slot signs and these are located on the top right. On the bottom right you will be able to clearly see the Megaways logo. 

This slot is different and they have quite a few things differently when compared to other types of slots. As mentioned above, they offer massive winning combinations to players. Further, they only pay from left to right. In other words, they pay from the leftmost wheel. Hence, you must be aware that the symbols from the center to the right or from the right to left should be avoided because it will not pay you anything. 

Reasons Why One May Choose Megaways

There are many reasons why the number of online slot gamblers is finding Megaways slots beneficial. We are sharing a few of them:

  • Every spin offers many winning chances and ways for the players.
  • The payouts get multiplied by your stake.
  • Megaways make use of cascading reels. This will help you to create many winning combinations regularly.
  • Most of the pay lines offer free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds amongst other things.
  • There are some Megaway slots that provide you with the chance to buy your rounds. This is a good option because you will not require to scatter symbols to line up.


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The Final Word

The above would certainly have given the readers some basic idea as to why the slot industry is poised for a big change with the likes of Megaways. There are certainly offering much more value to players when compared to the traditional online slots.