An Overview of the Logitech g502 Hero Gaming Mouse

ogitech g502 Hero Gaming Mouse

Logitech has come up with a new g502 hero gaming mouse. It is a wireless mouse and at the first glance, it looks very similar to the beloved wired G502 Hero gaming mouse. There are 11 customizable buttons in the mouse which includes a range of weights to tweak how fast the mouse can be dragged along your mouse pad. There are Lightsync LEDs which look awesome when lit up.

The company decided to keep the mouse very similar to its wired version. Logitech told that it had to change the internal of the mouse completely for fitting its new low-latency Lightspeed wireless tech. The mouse can be charged wirelessly charge by way of its optional PowerPlaywireless charging mouse pad.

ogitech g502 Hero Gaming Mouse


The price of this new Logitech g502 Hero Gaming Mouse is kept $149. The company is charging almost $100 premium for these two big features in the mouse. One of the features can only be made available if you are having the $99 PowerPlay wireless charging mouse pad too.

This Logitech g502 gaming mouse has claims to deliver “better than wired” performance when it comes to latency. This mouse will be truly excellent when you are playing the high-end games on your PC. Talking about the battery life, the battery doesn’t get drain out too quickly in this mouse. Obviously, the battery of the mouse will depend on the usage of the mouse but if you don’t opt for the wireless charging feature of this mouse then also it is fine.


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The scroll wheel on the G502 Hero is a little too slippery which is actually a good change. Due to the design constraints in this mouse, it is lighter than its wired version. The weight of this new Logitech g502 Hero Gaming Mouse is 130g while the wired version weighs 139g.

The Hero (High Efficiency Rating Optical) sensor found in this mouse can scale between 100 and 16,000 DPI. So, here was a brief overview of the new Logitech g502 mouse that you must try out if you are a gaming freak!