Setting up a link building campaign is not easy. So many people are struggling with the idea of getting links to their website.

This article will share some of the link building tactics that you can use on your website. You can use any of them to take your link building campaigns to the next level.


link building campaign

The best link building techniques revolve around outreach. Outreach entails getting to people who are in your niche and sharing your content with them.

However, you can still get to your target audience without content. You can take advantage of your personality, brand, business, products, and services. We instance, we have so many people who link to because they just love their tools. Therefore, your authority in the niche can help you get to a new target audience without using any content. However, if you are designing your link building strategy, then the content is the best outreach tool.

Outreach works best when you are using linkable assets. You need to reach out and share useful content with your target audience. It can be in the form of infographics, tools, and big blog posts and so on.

Reach out to the individuals who mention your target keywords in their articles. Also, reach out to those people who have linked to similar articles on the topic. Get contacts from these people and send them an email. Look for high quality and relevant outreach prospects and reach out to them.

Guest Blogging

link building campaign

Link building campaign has been with us for so many years. All you need to do is write articles for other websites in your niche. The website owner will publish it but you have to link it to your personal website. The process is as simple as we have defined above. The only challenge could be getting the owner of authority websites to accept your blog posts.

To achieve this, you have to produce content that is useful to their target audience. You should also follow their publication guidelines when writing the blog posts. Remember you will be including your link in the article. Since these are authority figures in the niche, you will get exposure to their fans as long as your articles are accepted for publication. It is a highly successful strategy for link building campaigns.

link building campaign

There are three simple steps that make up the broken link building. The first one is finding the relevant broken links on a high authority website in your niche. The second step is creating a content piece that is similar to or even better than the broken link. The last step is to inform the website of the presence of dead links for their site and suggest your resource as a perfect replacement.

Make sure you are polite and professional in your request. The website owner will happily accept your request as long as you produce content that is helpful to his audience and website ranking. There are so many online tools that will help you to identify the available broken links on websites in your niche. One of the top tools to use for this purpose is Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. You will be able to tell the exact number of broken links on the website and take advantage of them.

Unlinked Mentions

link building campaign

There are people who mention you or your brand without necessarily including a link to your profile or website. You can find people mentioning your brand but failing to include a link to your website. These scenarios take place often then you can imagine. You end up missing an excellent opportunity to get a backlink from these websites.

With such a mention, you will be halfway towards the journey of earning a link. The fact that the author has mentioned your brand tells you that he is familiar with your brand. It gives you a perfect chance to reach out to them and request a link. It is not hard to convince these people to convert the mention into a link.

The only challenge would be finding the unlinked mentions and using them to enhance your link building campaign. The easiest way is using Ahrefs’ Content Explorer. This explorer searches over one billion web pages for the mentions of any phrase or word. It is a useful tool to find web pages that are related to a particular topic. However, you can still use it to find your unlinked brand mentions and enhance the link building campaign.

link building campaign

We cannot run away from the fact that link building is not an easy task. However, website owners lose so many opportunities to build links. There are so many possible links to your website on a daily basis. You can counteract the natural process of losing links by looking for new opportunities. However, it is much easier to reclaim the old links than building new ones.

However, you need to know why you are losing links in the first place. Maybe the link page seized to exist or the owner of the website removed your link from the article. There are so many other reasons that will make you lose links in addition to the above two reasons.

You can discover the lost links using Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. The tool has a link removed tag that will help you find the lost links. Reach out to the website owners and see whether they can re-publish your link. However, if the page you were linking to no longer exists, there is little that you can do. It is easier to get back the link if your page was deleted by mistake.

link building campaign

Linkable assets are the content pieces that deserve links: infographics, tutorials, informative and in-depth blog posts, calculators, and tools. You can pay to get your audience in front of your target audience using PPC ad networks like Pinterest Ads, Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads among others.

It will help you get your blog posts in front of so many people. Include a link to your website so that your readers can know where to get a perfect solution. This strategy will take your Link building campaign to the next level.

link building campaign

Some mediocre websites could be linking to a high-quality website. You can be sure that such links are doing more harm than good to the website they are linking to. Just reach out to the website owner and propose your website as a perfect replacement. Let the owner of the website owner know that you are proving a more valuable linking opportunity. Look for the links that make a lot of sense to link to. Take advantage of their weaknesses and become a perfect replacement for the sake of your link building campaign.


These tips will help you to set up the best link building campaign. It is good to use these tips to take your link building strategy to the next level. Start by choosing the ones that have the most benefits from your website.

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