Key Differences Between JavaScript and jQuery

differences between Javascript and jQuery

JavaScript is an interpreted, dynamic programming language. Its name is similar to the Java programming language but it has nothing to do with it.  It is a scripting language and is used for appealing UI, user interactions and for controlling the document content that is displayed to the viewers.

On the other hand, jQuery is not a programming language but is a cross-platform JavaScript library. It is a fast and concise library that simplifies the HTML document traversing, animating, event handling, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. Today, we will look at the key differences between Javascript and jQuery.

jQuery is nothing but a library of JavaScript. It can’t replace JavaScript as all the jQuery code is Javascript. They both are not two different programming languages but both are actually JavaScript. jQuery is just optimized to do the common scripting functions with less number of lines of code.

Lines of code

differences between Javascript and jQuery

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Many actions like Delay, animate, fade-in can be done with jQuery using very few lines of code whereas JavaScript will take a higher number of lines of code.


differences between Javascript and jQuery

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At the time of checking the performance of the two, you will find that JavaScript is much faster than jQuery for accessing the DOM. But, at the time of writing the complex query, it can get slower. On the other side, jQuery is tested for many years for using the best and fast code of JavaScript.

It is not right to compare both as both are useful as per the requirements.

JavaScript is a weakly typed dynamic programming language while jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript library. JavaScript is a scripting language for controlling the document content and interface interactions. While jQuery is a framework for making event handling, animating and it makes Ajax interactions faster and simpler.

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JavaScript is an interpreted language while jQuery uses the resources given by JavaScript to make the things pretty easy.

In the case of JavaScript, you may need to write your own scripting which may take time. While in the case of jQuery, you don’t need to write much scripting.

Developers have to handle the multi-browser compatibility by writing their own code of JavaScript. The jQuery reduces the work of developers during deployment as it is a multi-browser JavaScript library.

All the modern browsers support JS so there is no need to include anything in the browsers. But, you have to include the jQuery library URL in the header of the page.