Nothing beats being cozy in your space and just streaming your favorite show all night long. However, it’s truly a pain when you have to watch your stream buffer and are unable to resume. All that happens when you don’t have a solid internet connection to support your needs.

However, there are times when you think your current internet connection is good enough for running shows on Netflix without a hassle. But that doesn’t work because you don’t know what internet speed for streaming netflix.

That is why we’re here to illustrate what internet speed for streaming netflix. Plus, we’ll be listing some of the ways that you can improve your internet speed at home. But first:

Choose the Right Internet Connection

Internet Speed For Streaming Netflix

It all starts with poor internet service that you’ve been paying for over the years. Not only does it provide poor speed and connectivity but it’s an expense that can be compensated somewhere else. If you’re looking for reliable internet service, then check out Windstream Internet packages.

Windstream brings some of the best internet packages that one can get for experiencing high-speed internet services. All you have to do is to contact its customer service and get the plan of your liking and you’ll never have a complaint about your internet again.

Now that’s sorted, it’s time to see what internet speed for streaming netflix. So, let’s get started:

Internet Speed for HD Streaming

Internet Speed For Streaming Netflix

Whenever your internet is experiencing issues, it automatically shifts to SD streaming. That is HD streaming requires a stable internet connection and TV to keep running. On average, an internet connection of 1-5 Mbps is enough to run Netflix in HD without any hassle.

However, if you face disruptions or buffering during the stream, it means that the current speed isn’t enough. It can be because of multiple users on the same connection, which is why you’ll have to upgrade your plan.

Plus, there are times when you put a show on download as well as stream content too. In that case, you’ll need something more than just 5 Mbps because downloading content will reduce the overall speed and your stream will keep buffering.

Internet Speed for UHD Streaming

Internet Speed For Streaming Netflix

Experiencing the finest detail in UHD/ 4K perfection is truly a mesmerizing experience. You get to see the crisp details that make you feel a part of the show. However, this sensation and experience do have a cost and that is high-speed internet.

According to an estimate, a 25 Mbps connection with unlimited data is recommended for streaming content in 4K. That is because 4K consumes a lot of data while streaming. Having other users on the same connection or downloading anything will definitely ruin your experience.

How to Improve Internet Speed at Home?

Internet Speed For Streaming Netflix

Now that we’ve seen the required internet speed for Netflix streaming, it’s time to check out some of the ways that you can improve internet speed at home:

Remove Cache

Internet Speed For Streaming Netflix

The first thing that you can do is to remove the cache from your web browser and delete temp files from your drive. Both instances enable your device to run smoothly while releasing ample juice for internet speed.

When you remove cache, it removes processes that were holding internet speed to be reloaded once used again. However, there’s no point in keeping your speed hostage until you’re using those processes again. Therefore, removing the cache will certainly give your internet a speed boost.

Configure Your Gateway

Internet Speed For Streaming Netflix

Instead of attempting various fixes, you should go for fixing your gateway. Your internet gateway can either be your internet modem or a wireless router. Going for it, you should first restart the device since in most cases, restarting the device re-establishes the connection.

In addition, you can configure the settings to the 5 GHz band, giving an elevated speed and coverage. Next, you can also dedicate a portion of speed to a specified user. This makes it easier to enjoy seamless internet speed even when there are multiple users on the connection.

Exiting Applications

Internet Speed For Streaming Netflix

Another reason why your internet speed just doesn’t give ample performance is because of the applications running in the background. This happens when you close some apps and instead of shutting down, they just slip into the background in a dormant phase.

However, these apps still consume internet speed since they need to reload again at a click’s notice. If you have numerous applications running in your background, then closing them will surely help release the internet speed you need.

Closing Tabs

Internet Speed For Streaming Netflix

Another instance that can be derived from the previous example is the closing of the tabs in your browser. The tabs in your browser are consuming the internet by allocating space in the cache of the browser. Once these tabs are clicked on, they reload information instantly since that is why they’ve been consuming the internet for.

If you close tabs on your browser, it’ll not only release internet speed but also give a memory boost since more tabs mean more storage required on the memory. As a result, you’ll find a solid difference in speed and performance after this fix.

Final Thoughts

Streaming Netflix should bring content and solace, not frustration. That is why get your hands on the right kind of internet connection so that you can enjoy seamless streaming without buffering. In addition, you can apply the aforementioned fixes to elevate internet speed at your home without much hassle.

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