3 Important Tips For Maintaining The Internet Of Things Security

internet of things security

IoT is very much in trend these days. But, before getting too much acquainted with the technology, one must be careful with the security of the IoT devices too. It is very important to maintain the internet of things security so in this post. So today at technographx we are going to provide you the tips for doing that.

Let us have a look at them.

1) Before Purchasing The IoT Device, Check The Safety Standards

internet of things security


The smartphone accessories, gaming consoles, earphones, and other minimal gadgets are ignored always for safety and security. Generally, people consider them harmless stuff that can’t do anything wrong. But you should consider that they are connected to the network just like other devices and they could become a way to reach you. Make sure that when you purchase any IoT device, whether it is small or big, cheap or costly, you must check the safety, security, and reputability of the device. Check whether it is compliant with TLS/SSL and encryption standards or not. Is the device following the Internet Society Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) standard protocol or not must also be checked.

2) Keep The Password Of  The Device Protected

internet of things security


Yes, it is very important to keep the device’s password protected. You have to set a strong password to maintain the security of the device. Make a strong password consisting of letters, symbols, and numbers so that the security is hard to breach. Always change the default password and never be comfortable with it. The manufacturers might have set a common password for many devices to have easy configuration but you have to change the password for sure in order to maintain the security. Keep a strong password right after the installation and never use the same password for multiple accounts.

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3) Keep The Devices On Different Networks

internet of things security


Many people are buying smart kitchen appliances these days. They are an important part of the IoT too but their constant access to the network could allow hackers to jump from that device to your personal devices and capture the private and confidential information. So, it is always recommended that you should keep all the devices on a different network. Set up multiple networks using your WiFi router as it will make it hard for hackers to gain access and your personal devices will remain secure. So, here were the guidelines that you should follow for maintaining the internet of things security. Follow them and hackers won’t be able to access your device for sure!