Security is becoming a priority for businesses , with 69% of companies increasing their security budget. A modern security system is essential for businesses to secure their data and physical assets.

But what should you focus on when improving your security system?

Keep reading! This blog will discuss integrated security systems – the components that constitute an integrated security system and the potential benefits of integration.

Components of an Integrated Security System

To understand how an integrated security system benefits security teams and project management, we must first discuss the individual components of an integrated security system.

Here, we will outline the main security features a security team can use to create a future-proof security system with integrations.

Access Control

integrated security system

Key fob door lock systems serve as the foundation for an effective integrated security system. With cloud-based access control door locks, you gain the following benefits:

  • Touchless entry – users can wave their hands to enter the building and communicate with their mobile device using Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular communication. Users do not have to present their mobile access credentials directly in front of the reader; they need only wave their hand in front of it.
  • Remote operation – security staff can operate door locks remotely using a cloud-based control center or mobile application. Security staff can also remotely view security information.

Cloud-based access control also has open API integration potential, which means that access control can be the basis from which security professionals build a fully-integrated and optimized security system.

Video Surveillance

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Video surveillance is an essential element in any security strategy. It provides evidence that a crime should occur, and surveillance cameras can be instrumental in deterring criminals from attempting to commit a crime on the property.

  • When video surveillance is integrated with access control, security professionals can view security camera footage alongside access logs.
  • By integrating access control and video surveillance, security teams can verify the identity of users before they enter the building – which helps to mitigate the risk of stolen access credentials being used to enter the building.
  • Video intercom systems allow security professionals to easily integrate video and access control data.
  • These systems also have built-in voice recognition, high-definition video, and touchless access control to allow for easier integration.

Software Integrations

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Access control with open API integration potential allows security teams to integrate software and tools that simplify everyday security tasks and harness their security tools to perform admin, HR, and business intelligence functions.

Some of the critical software integrations offered include:

  • Visitor management software – with visitor management software, security professionals can automate the visitor registration process and gain more accurate records of visitor hours. Visitors must fill out digital registration forms at the building’s entrance, granting them temporary access credentials on their mobile devices. The system will sign them out automatically when they leave and revoke their digital access credentials.
  • Occupancy management software – since the pandemic, security professionals must consider health and safety in their security strategy. Overcrowding has become a health hazard as it can encourage the spread of germs. With occupancy management software, building security teams can view occupancy levels and set limits for safe levels, which will allow them to restrict further access to the building, or to rooms within the building.

Some other examples of software integrations include time tracking software, wellness verification software, and facial recognition software.

Integrations help automate processes and make security professionals’ daily standard operating procedures smooth and efficient.

Since cloud-based systems are digital, your security team will need to consider your cybersecurity strategy in line with project management to ensure the remote capabilities of the system cannot be intercepted by third parties.

Benefits of an Integrated Security System for Project Management

This section will address some of the main benefits of an integrated security system for security teams and their project management.

All Security Data Is Under One Platform

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Security professionals can investigate security incidents quickly if all security data is readily available on one platform.

Correlating data from several different sources using timestamps can be labor and time-intensive. Security teams can view all information on one platform

Not only does this aid in faster resolution of security incidents, but it creates a more user-friendly experience for security staff.

Leveraging Data for Deeper Analysis

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When all security data is visible on one interface, security teams can leverage data for deeper analysis and a deeper understanding of their overall security operations.

By broadening the scope of readily available information for comparison, security professionals can gain more insight into occupancy trends, visitor trends, and other vital information that will help them develop improved project management.

Real-Time Alerts

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With a cloud-based security system comes the ability for security teams to establish real-time mobile alerts from set triggers in their security system. These real-time alerts keep security teams updated on security threats while attending to other daily tasks.

With integrated and remotely-operated security systems, security professionals can view all information in one place to assess the threat and operate security tools in line with the threat.

When security heads can remotely handle security threats, they do not have to travel across the site to handle the situation directly. An integrated cloud-based system allows them to respond and assess the danger quickly and from anywhere.


If you’re considering whether an integrated system would benefit project management for your security team, evaluate these benefits in line with your current security strategy.

Would an integrated security system improve response time, convenience, and insight into your security operations? Consider opting for future-proof security tools with integration potential to build a cohesive and blended security system.

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