Why Do You Need to Integrate Social Media with Your SEO Strategy?

Integrate Social Media with Your SEO Strategy

The ‘S’ is silent.

That’s how those clever chaps in the marketing industry like to treat social media – as if it’s just an afterthought, a fad, something suited only for hipsters who sit around discussing what books they’re going to read this summer.

But even though you might think that way yourself, there are good reasons why you must integrate social media with your SEO strategy. Here are three of them:

Social Signals Google Your Website’s Popularity

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Over the last couple of years, search engines have begun considering what other internet users say about your website or brand online. This is part of Google’s attempt to provide more personalized search results based not just on keywords but also based on “social signals” (i.e. the content of users’ Facebook or Twitter profiles).

Here’s how it works: if one user likes another user’s post about your brand, Google might take that as a signal that you’re ‘popular’. So, to Google, your website can become more important than other websites out there just by compiling enough social media activity that users find helpful and share around.

The Best Marketing Is a Promotion Where People Already Are

If you’re looking at advertising to promote your business – whether it’s through paid search ads or banners on popular sites – then this holds true for promoting your pages on social networks too. Suppose you go to all the effort of creating great content, investing in SEO, and otherwise running a good business. In that case, you want to promote your business where the most significant number of potential customers can see it. Social media is an excellent place for that.

Your Branding Strategy Should Include Social

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If you’re looking at other industries, branding becomes especially important when it comes time to advertise custom-made products or services. In that case, having a good-looking website and building relationships with your customers will matter even more than creating catchy content or creating backlinks from popular websites.

For this reason, many people suggest using social media as part of their branding strategies – to make an emotional connection with their audience through blogs and Facebook updates, and other content shared regularly. Ignoring social networks while putting a lot of effort into promoting your brand online might not be a good idea.

Social media is revolutionizing how we share information and engage with customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. It’s kind of a new phenomenon to marketers as it can directly impact their business results. Given all the hype around social media, companies wonder how they should use it to build a mutually beneficial relationship with their audience? What kind of strategies will work for small businesses?

How Social Media Links Up with SEO Strategy?

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To begin with, you cannot directly tie social media to SEO strategies. It should, however, be a part of a larger digital strategy that could help in achieving the goals defined by the business. Social media channels provide a robust platform for creating an online community or building relationships that can potentially result in better search rankings and traffic from relevant sources.

Due to the shift from desktop computers to mobile devices, customers today are actively using their mobile phones to access Internet & share content, thereby increasing the scope for SMM. In fact, according to recent Google consumer surveys, TNS Custom research reveals that one-third of British adults’ time online is spent accessing via smartphones and tablets! Social networking sites have become so widespread that they rank among the top activities on mobile devices.

Given their influence on Internet users, social media sites are being increasingly used by companies to enhance the brand’s online presence. Content shared on these channels can have a positive impact on SEO strategy as well as search rankings. The key is to devise strategies that are considerate of the ever-evolving digital world instead of sticking to traditional ways of marketing or inadequate tools & techniques.

Companies need to play an active role in social media conversations rather than just waiting for people to start talking about them online. However, it might be possible that your limited Twitter or Facebook page will not allow you sufficient space to convey all the required details about your company and services right away. 

It can be highly beneficial to guest post on relevant websites or leave comments on posts related to your industry. This allows you to engage in conversation with potential customers and provide answers to their queries, thereby increasing brand awareness. 

Several companies are seeing the benefits of getting involved in social media conversations by establishing a presence and making it easier for netizens to access information about them online.

Social media links up with SEO strategy by providing an easy way for new visitors to get in touch with your brand and services. The two platforms also bring opportunities for new-age or relatively unknown companies based on sales figures and brand equity.

Social media enables businesses of all sizes and categories to interact with their audience and answer any queries related to services and products. These conversations can, in turn, help with your SEO strategy by generating more relevant traffic from sites that carry social media buttons.

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In Conclusion

There are many reasons why you should integrate social media with your SEO strategy – from helping Google rank your website more favorably to building a better brand image for your company. In any case, even if you think that social media is all just a bunch of hype, it’s definitely something worth considering for businesses who have taken the time and effort to work on their SEO.

Responsiveness is a crucial attribute of a successful business. Companies need to keep an eye on their presence across different platforms and adapt accordingly based on the latest industry trends. Creative strategies make all the difference in engaging people over social media effectively. It is one of the reasons why most top-tier businesses prefer to work with a digital advertising agency that can take proper care of these aspects daily.