Major Innovations in the Field of TV Technology at a Glance

Innovations In TV Technology

The invention of television itself was one of the biggest innovations in the digital world. Television has been the major source of entertainment, news and educational content for decades.

But, there have been some significant innovations in technology in recent times that has changed the concept and quality of the TV. These innovations revolve around the introduction of smart TVs with the latest technologies.

OLED TVs, QLED TVs, 4K TVs, LED TVs, Android TVs, and TVs with HDR technique are some of the latest innovations in the sphere of TV technology. These have made TVs a technological convergence of computers, television sets, and set-top boxes. They give a cinematic experience to the viewers.

In the Indian market, TV manufacturers like Haier, Lloyd, Samsung, Sony, and LG have come up with some superb smart TVs enabled with the latest technologies.

Read on to know the latest innovations in TV technology and the products offered by different TV manufacturers.


Innovations In TV Technology


OLED TVs and QLED TVs are the most popular smart TVs today. These TVs produce vibrant pictures and are cost-efficient. LG is the torchbearer of OLED TVs in India and supplies OLED panels to other TV brands.

One of the models of OLED TV from LG is LG (55”) 4K ULTRA HD SMART OLED TV. The able processor and Dolby Atmos of this TV model create a great experience for its users. This LG TV is available in the market at a price of around Rs.1,54,000.

QLED TVs are even better than OLED TVs with a peak brightness level being in the range of 1500-2000 nits. At present, Samsung offers QLED TVs in India under its Q series.

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Innovations In TV Technology


4K TV is another name for high-resolution technology in the TV landscape. 4K technology plays an important role in making smart TVs as they are. 4K, also known as Ultra HD, refers to a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is 4 times more pixels than in a normal HD TV. This high resolution gives you a clearer and more defined picture and also it is mesmerizing experience with Project Free Tv to watch your favorites.

Usually, 4K is available on TVs of 40 inch and above. But, a bigger screen is better to enjoy the visual impact of 4K. Many brands in India offer 4K TVs. Lloyd (49.6”) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (L50UN3S) is a good choice for a 4K TV. It gives you blur-free picture and smoother movements in videos. This Lloyd TV can easily connect to your digital camera, camcorder or USB device. If you want to replace your old one with a new smart LED TV within a price range of around Rs.52,000, you can give this model a consideration.

High Dynamic Range TV or HDR

Innovations In TV Technology


HDR is a TV technology that provides a higher level of contrast between light and dark images on the screen to create a more realistic image. HDR technology is available on all smart TVs like OLED, QLED, Android TV and a 4K TV.

HAIER (55”) 4K Ultra HD LED TV is an HDR smart TV available in India. This 55” Haier TV can give you a great experience with its image quality and connectivity options. This TV is a good option within a budget of Rs.50,000.

Apart from these, another major innovation is the Android Software System in TVs. Android TVs use the Android Operating System designed by Google for apps, games, movies, music and TV shows on your television set.

Android TV has a lot of apps available because it has access to the Google Play Store. It also features the Google Assistant that allows you to ask questions, pull up content and control smart home devices via voice command.

Micro LED and 8K TVs are also on the way in the field of innovations in TV technology. But, they still have time to be a part of the common people.

These innovative screens are fascinating but may not be pocket-friendly at times for all.

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