Our lifestyle has been considerably improved with the development of technology. Each and every aspect of life has been impacted due to it including communication techniques. The progress in communication techniques is huge and because of it only we are able to talk to our friends and families over the phones with ease. We are able to communicate with our loved ones no matter where they are located across the globe.

influence of technology

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But everything has a positive and negative impact and so is the impact of technology on the communication process, it comes as a mixed bag. Technographx has brought this article to make you aware about the influence of technology on communication. We will discuss the impact of popular technological elements like emails, telephones, and cell phones over here. Technology has reached higher than the expectations and had wider expansion and have bought wearable technology examples before you.

influence of technology

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The internet and mobiles are the basic necessities these days and the majority of us would feel something missing in their lives if there were no smartphones and internet.

Technology has made it easy for us to keep in touch and it is only the reason behind the success of long-distance relationships. The social networking sites and video chats have played a big role in keeping people in touch. Technology has led to better development solutions too. For example, the students are able to take the best education through video conferencing these days.

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influence of technology

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But there is a negative influence of technology on our interpersonal communication skills. The reason for this is the increased frequency of communication through texting and chatting on websites. The family relations have also been weakened by the technology. The children are closer to their online friends but there is a gap between them and their parents.

influence of technology

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People have become addicted to the Internet and cell phones and this has caused many anxiety disorders. People are finding it hard to get disconnected from this virtual world. They are giving more importance to the online world than the actual world.

influence of technology

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This is the influence of technology on us. We should take steps to cut down the usage of internet and phones and must use it as per our needs.