Having many likes on Instagram is the main goal that both individual users and companies that land on this social media have. In the early years, this was a simpler activity to increase likes on Instagram because the users were much fewer, the display order was chronologically based and it was enough to “guess” the right hashtags.

Now, with more than a billion active users, more and more functions, and an unimaginable number of contents that are published every day, social media has been “forced” (through a constantly updated algorithm) to make a selection of the contents to show organically within the main feed.

So many of the posts that previously obtained a fair number of likes are now found with results even halved compared to some time ago.

Even if it cannot be known with extreme certainty, the new algorithm is based on precise parameters that establish which contents are entitled to rank higher than others. Among the main factors we point out:

  • the user’s relationship and interaction with your profile;
  • the user’s interest shown in content similar to yours;
  • the freshness of the contents which (even if not as before) continues to have its importance.

Obviously, together with these factors, the money invested in sponsored also plays an important role! As with any social network, Instagram also needs to monetize in order to keep the company going and therefore tends to push users, especially those with business profiles, to promote their content.

In any case, determination and perseverance are rewarded, for this reason, we want to give you fundamental tips to increase likes on Instagram.

Create Quality Content

Increase Likes On Instagram

In a social network full of contents that are almost all the same and endlessly reposted, it is the quality that rewards, such as posts, stories, igtv videos, and recently also the reels that demonstrate why you or your company are unique and deserving to be followed.

You have to identify your niche and the distinctive character that makes you different from others, arm yourself with a lot of creativity and make it your focus.

The best contents are the original ones, which only you can create because they fully represent you and can be educational, entertaining, or inspiring.

For example, posts and videos that talk about you, your experience, or your company story and mission. Create educational content about your products and services, showing their pluses and how to best use them. Involve other users with whom to exchange ideas or opinions or create new projects.

The important thing, however, is to always be authentic, because the people of social networks do not like fiction and are good at unmasking it quickly.

Focus on Quality and Unique Photos

Increase Likes On Instagram

This point is closely linked to the previous one: the contents, in addition to being interesting and full of meaning, must also be aesthetically beautiful, because ” the eye also wants its part “.

A quality photo or video, taken and shot with the most professional photo tools and techniques possible, can attract attention much easier and more successfully than amateur content and this allows you to create greater interest in users.

For example, the filters, which are so loved and rooted on Instagram, you have to learn to use them with care. Better an interesting and sharp photo that has been correctly enhanced with the right changes to lights, contrasts, and saturation, than photos with the same filters seen and reviewed that are in fashion at the moment.

If you don’t want to give up on the filter, create a personal one that fully represents you, so that your followers can recognize your content at a glance.

Also, remember that the right dimensions are also of great importance: focus on portrait formats (1080 x 1350 pixels) that take up more space in the user’s feed, attract attention more easily and extend the time spent on the photo or video.

One of the main concerns regarding the management of all social pages is the engagement rate or the interaction rate (calculated on the basis of likes, comments, and shares) that your followers have on your content.

The higher this rate, the more the profile is doing well, but how do you make it grow?

By studying the interests and passions that characterize your niche market, analyzing the insights of your profile to understand which content works best, and, above all, asking your followers directly!

Because one of the main mistakes you can make on social networks is forgetting that your users are people with opinions and preferences (and not numbers).

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