You’ve got skilled and well-trained employees. The services you offer come with competitive prices and package deals. You even provide discounts for first-time clients. Still, you’re not getting as many projects as you’d expect. This is the point where you start asking yourself what you could be doing wrong.

You may think everything checks out since you already have the right manpower and you are following all the right procedures in creating professional quotes. Yes, these aspects are equally critical when running an HVAC enterprise, especially when you’re just starting out. However, there could be another critical detail you are forgetting—your website.

In this digital time and age, your website can make or break your company. It’s not enough just to have one. You need to view it as a tool that you maintain daily to help you convert more sales.

How to Build an Excellent HVAC Website

An HVAC business like yours can be pretty lucrative, but only if you’re able to keep your clients happy, attract new customers, and manage your day to day tasks efficiently. To make this happen, you can start using business management software, like the one offered by Jobber, that lets you schedule appointments, send invoices, organize job orders, and dispatch the right teams. Additionally, you can take the necessary steps to ensure your business website is efficient enough to help you achieve your goal.

If your goal is to convert views to profits, there are more than enough simple yet actionable ways that you can get started. A few small changes can have a significant impact if you know how to do it right.

To get you started, here are some HVAC website tips you could use as you revamp your pages:

Always Add a Call to Action

HVAC Website Tips

People view an HVAC website not just because they feel like it. It can only mean one thing when they do, and that’s because they need your services. Getting visitors to check your site is already an accomplishment on its own, but it doesn’t end there. Each click that happens should lead the customer along a funnel which encourages them to reach out to you in some way, check your social media account, or at least bookmark your page for future use.

That’s why it goes a long way to add a call to action to every element or page of your website. The homepage, for instance, can include featured testimonials from your social media account. Add a clickable link that leads people to your Facebook or Instagram account. You may also add buttons for options to schedule a free estimate, speak with a live representative, or send an email.

Speed Things Up

HVAC Website Tips

No matter how engaging your content may be or how many calls to action you’ve added to your subpages, there won’t be any use for it if your HVAC website is too slow and won’t load properly. Keep in mind that with more and more businesses turning digital these days, consumers expect a seamless experience each time they search for something online. A few seconds of delay could already make someone leave the site, which means you just lost a potential sale.

To provide an excellent user experience, ensure your website speed is up to par. If the response time is relatively slow, consider switching to a better hosting service. Optimize or compress your images and other content to avoid slow rendering. Also, limit the number of plug-ins and third-party applications you use so that it can operate faster.

Take Advantage of Local SEO

HVAC Website Tips


An HVAC business like yours is highly likely to offer services in a specific area, be it a state, province, or region. This means your target audience should be the residents of that particular neighborhood. If so, taking advantage of local SEO can be a fruitful endeavor that’ll benefit your business in more ways than one.

Building an efficient SEO strategy can help you rank your website ahead of your competitors. By improving your SEO for HVAC contractors, you can increase your visibility in local search results. This means that when people search for an HVAC company in your target area, you’ll have a higher chance of appearing more frequently.. To make this happen, use targeted keywords that are relevant and popular to help drive organic traffic to your website. Also, create geo-targeted content that’s fresh, helpful, and original.

Don’t Forget to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

HVAC Website Tips

Mobile users are becoming highly reliant on their handheld devices for anything they need to check or search online. If you want to get more traffic and generate leads that can potentially convert to more sales, ensuring the mobile-friendliness of your website makes perfect sense.

It’s safe to assume that more than half of your visitors will be accessing the webpage using their mobile phones. Imagine if you’re not able to cater to those users; they’ll most likely leave the site and take their business elsewhere. Of course, that means losing viable prospects that could bring in more revenues.

The Bottom Line 

Your website is a valuable asset and tool that you can use to get leads, engage with your audience, and convert more sales. You can make the most of it by being consistent with call-to-action buttons, utilizing local SEO, improving website speed, and making the page mobile-friendly to accommodate all users.

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