How to Use Generators Efficiently on Camping Sites

How to Use Generators

No matter where you go for adventurous camping, you will surely have to carry a machine that can supply you with ample amounts of electricity. In camping sites, we do need to juice up some essential appliances like lights & fans, refrigerators, water heaters, electric gas ovens, smartphones, laptops, etc. Therefore, not relying on any power supply system is a bad idea.

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So what are the options that can supply us the amount of electricity we need? Well, there are only two: A battery pack and a generator. Both of these devices can deliver the power we require to run all our stuff. But when it’s about using a battery pack, there are some caveats as well. Many prefer camping adventures for more than a week. Thus, keeping a battery pack juiced up for that long isn’t practically possible. You can increase the size of the battery, though, but this will add extra bulk to your luggage.

So, if you’re planning to spend days in isolated forests or deserts, your only option is to carry a portable generator. These little handy dandy machines can generate lots of power, even more than traditional battery packs and they have more flexibility from portability standpoints. But you shouldn’t dump the idea of having a battery pack either. Even small generators tend to deliver a minimum of 1,000 Watts of electricity, and this amount is unnecessary for you. For a typical family camping, you’ll merely need around 200 Watts of power. Therefore, using a generator all the time is a waste of fuel and money. For a better camping experience, you’ll have to carry both a regular battery pack and a generator. So, how to use both at once then? In this case, all your essentials will be charged up by the battery pack. And when that gets exhausted, you can pull the chain of your generator to juice up your battery pack within a short amount of time.

How to Use Generators


Suppose you are fetching around 200 Watts of electricity from your battery pack and your generator can deliver 2,000 Watts. Therefore, with just one hour of recharging your battery pack, you can have 10 hours of battery backup. It will provide you with maximum efficiency, and you’ll have to pay less for the energy that you’ll be consuming.

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Some other tips for maintaining the efficiency of your generator in camping sites:

You have now understood that using a generator and a battery pack all at once can improve your experience in camping trips. But there are other criteria that you need to fulfill to get an even better experience. Thus, I have mentioned every point using bullets. Following them carefully will help you achieve maximum efficiency from your machines and will also maximize the lifespan of your generator and battery pack.

  • Keep the equipment in an open, cold and dry area.

These machines do lots of jobs; thus, they need a good site of operation too. A wet and warm atmosphere can quickly bring down both these machines. While running, these devices provide a lot of heat and moisture can easily damage their electrical apparatus. Therefore, keeping them dry and cold is highly recommended. Allow the generator to breathe the fresh air and also raise the exhaust channel high above the ground so that the smoke doesn’t harm anyone nearby.

  • Protect the generators from rain and storms.

You have to make sure that water doesn’t get inside the devices. Use a temporary shed above the machines and shut them down immediately when there’s a rain or thunderstorm. In such cases, it’s advisable to keep the devices inside your tent or car.

  • Provide an earthing connection to the generator and other equipment.

This equipment can run efficiently at our homes because of proper earthing connection. But in forests and deserts, there aren’t such facilities available directly. Thus, you have to make your earthing system. Generators and battery packs always need earthing connections; therefore, they have an extra earthing port in the rear panel.

How to Use Generators


Take a thick insulated wire and connect its one terminal to that port. Now take a metallic rod and join the other end of the cable to it. Finally, dig the rod deep into wet soil. It will create a direct grounding passage for earthing. If your machines don’t have an earthing port, you can connect any metallic part of its body to the wire. Be sure not to touch that wire while and machines are running and keep infants and children away from the entire system.

Powering all your appliances on a camping trip is a heck of a challenge, especially when you’re using generators and battery packs. Thus, with this article, I have explained some of the most useful tips, so that you can run your devices efficiently without a hitch. Follow them carefully to make your camping experience even better. And for your convenience, I have mentioned some of the best and compact camping generator models down below. So, be sure to check them out.

Compact size generators for camping:

Choosing the best generator for your camping purposes isn’t easy. Such devices need to powerful enough to run all your appliances and also portable enough so that you can carry those anywhere. Therefore, by taking a little load off your shoulders, I have provided the model names of some of the best and compact size generators for camping. If you’re planning to buy one, then be sure to check these models out. Copy the brand and model number and paste that into the search box of your preferred shopping site.

  • WEN 56200i
  • Champion 73536i
  • Honda EU1000i
  • Yamaha EF2000iSv2
  • Westinghouse WH2200iXLT
  • Pulsar G2319N
  • Homegear 950i

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